Trouble With Blacks And Whites

About 2 days ago, I made a post on my Facebook profile asking that anyone who loves Jews or hates the works of Adolf Hitler and members of the Third Reich to unfriend me.  I got some people who respected my wishes and did as I asked for and didn’t even bother to leave me with any hate mail, but I also had blacks, whites, and Arabs attack me for wishing to clean out my life of the subhuman filth.  So I woke up today angry at both blacks and whites and decided to write this poem that will hopefully get both groups killed off in this country as this would be a good start to push for the glory of nihility, the glory of the empty world to come!


Trouble With Whites And Blacks

Sitting at the table with the window as the view,
Casting stares of death at people passing through
I spoke a lot of words, words that only speak the truth

Got so much hate to kill
Got so much people to kill
May the gods let them lose their minds

Trouble with the blacks,
Trouble with the whites
Been facing trouble with them all my life
My sweet death, won’t you kill them too?
Everytime I look I see the glimpse of death in you
I killed them for death just to take their lives, but know I killed them for you

Will they live or shall I kill them again?
They say that the rest get more wicked
Now you can take my heart at any time or place


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