YouTube Censors Charlottesville Folk Song Citing ‘Hate Speech’ – Listen To It Here With Fearless Freedom

Fearless Freedom Press

Charlottesville Torch Ceremony

The remarkable march and rally of Young Traditionalists this weekend in Charlottesville, Virgina, may or may not be the spark of a greater movement for Euro-American consciousness – but it has certainly raised the Flag.

The opinions and commentaries about the events are many – just two points to be made about that here:

First, these Young Traditionalists called for this action as a response to the elimination of historic monuments reflecting American history which are occurring at a shameful pace. This was also a response to the relentless assault against Euro-American culture in general, as well as the People. There is no mention of this in the mainstream media commentary. It’s not something that the Zionist media wish to bring up in the conversation.

Second is a point about the media itself. For years those on the ‘right’ have turned to FOX news as, what they believe(d), was/is the…

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