In The End, I Was Wrong….

Last Friday, I awoke at a little before noon to some notifications on my phone and one of these notifications was a message from my friend at the Pro Defamation League.  His message was to inform me that the following pages at VK.COM, Historical Revisionism and JewBusters had been removed at the behest of the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media also called Roskomnadzor; it is essentially the Russian government media censorship channel.  I was heart broken by this because for the past year, I was pressing many users on Facebook to leave for VK because I had promised them a censorship free environment and some of my friends and followers had left Facebook for VK.  Alas, I should have listened to the warning signs because VK was created by Russian Jews and the Jews behind Facebook also bought out VK recently.  I had suspected that the tolerance for free speech was a ploy to attract more users to their platform and when they began to reach a higher number of users, they would adopt the same restrictive measures that Facebook has.

I was able to contact both of my friends who managed those pages and I was able to direct them to people whom can help them regain their pages, but I am not hopeful that their pages will go back up anytime soon.  In fact, I was suspicious the past two weeks when I was alerted to the presence of the Israeli MOSSAD on the VK platform and then this madness happens at the same time that these Israeli killer Jews appear on the same platform.  I can confirm for a fact that the administrator to the page JewBusters had her page removed thanks to the complaints of white nationalists, or as I call them white idiots, who were upset due to her racial background.  People who ask me why I hate the white nationalist movement can see why as they are just as bad as Jews for they will openly target anyone who disagrees with them, using Jewish tactics of dissent and disinformation.  Then again, with white idiots like Robert Spencer, Alex Jones, and others who push the Jewish lies on many fronts, it is not a surprise that they are behind the recent attempts to censor people on VK.  The other administrator for the page Historical Revisionism had his page removed at the behest of the Russian government, probably because he was posting the truth about the Third Reich and the evils done by the USSR government in WW2 and the truth about the holomodor genocide of Slavic Christians.

This all goes to prove my point that the Jew, Vladimir Putin, cannot be trusted and there is a reason that I call him Jewtin due to his close association with Jews both in Russia and in Israel.  Yet many people in The Cause still follow these false gods and false leaders.  It is a known fact now that VK is merely a tool used to gather information by the Russian government to lure people into a false sense of security so that they can later be attacked for “denying” the holocaust or holohoax and to ban people who hold national socialist views in support of the greatness of Adolf Hitler.  At this point, I have lost any hope that there is a place to gather to discuss how to kill off these subhuman Jews because they have all the platforms under their control.  It is indeed more than odd that we have all of these intelligent people and yet no one can create or find a true alternative to all of these Jew infested social media sites.  Sure we have rabbitholeglobal and it is a good start but it is very low in users and it appears to only be a welcoming spot for national socialism, which is a dying ideology as far as I can discern through my own research.  The next step will have to be taking our weapons and to start killing Jews and White Freemasons because at this point, nothing has been able to work in order to stop their evils from spreading all over this world!


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