Motorola’s gamepad Moto Mod is $80 and exclusive to Verizon


The gamepad controller for Motorola’s Moto Z line of smartphone is going on sale August 25th for $79.99. That seems pretty expensive, and unfortunately for those who’ve been awaiting the snap-on accessory, you’ll only have one place to get it: Verizon Wireless. The carrier has an exclusive lock on the mod, which connects directly to the Moto Z via the pins on the back of the phone for reliable and lag-free game controls. It’s available to preorder now and goes on sale August 25th.
The gamepad features two thumbsticks, a d-pad, four primary action buttons, start/select, shoulder buttons, and a home button on the left side. There’s also a 1035mAh battery inside the mod itself, which Verizon estimates can replenish your Moto Z with “up to 8 hours of extra charge.”

That sounds a tad optimistic, but for $80 it’s good to know that you’re getting somethingaside from a plastic shell and some buttons. Even the $300 Moto 360 camera doesn’t include its own battery. Plus, not having to worry about pairing a Bluetooth controller is nice — if you’ve reached that level of Android gaming.


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