Aboard The Anti-Jewish Colony

I was inspired to write this poem when the Jews targeted me once again a few days ago on Facebook.  It has gotten so bad that they are trying to infiltrate my own life after my successful fight against them on various social media platforms.  So I sat down to write this about what a great colony would look like after Jews, Freemasons, and Women are killed off in successful order.  Enjoy!


Aboard The Anti-Jewish Colony

I’m gonna kill you kikes
Like at a dance party over one hundred degrees
When Jews turn to dust, it becomes so exotic
Still they live their lives in vanity
Slut bitches have become such a natural reality
Prepare the gulags for them to spend in the weekends
Let humanity takes their florides and hardcore drugs
Those same feelings will sweat to their very pores
I must wait until I have completed the 100 year plan
They will never be able to change my stoic mind
For it is time to utilize chloroform and iodine against them!
Yet with my horsemen in hand
We see all the fun the killings will be
A justified genocide to shape mankind to their hips
A genocidal groove that can never be caught
Let us bring the lesions to the world
Let us bring the lesions to the women and feminists
For women are nothing but sluts and skanks
Life is not about living in the sun
Life is like getting the kiss of an h-bomb


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