An Israeli-German blogger has taken revenge on Twitter for ignoring his complaints about hateful messages that he had flagged on the popular social media site.

After complaining to Twitter about over 450 racist, hateful or antisemitic Tweets and being mostly ignored, Shapira decided to spray paint some of the offensive Tweets in front of Twitter’s offices in Hamburg, Germany.

In a video he posted that has gone viral, with 6,900 likes, 4,000 retweets and 300 comments, Shapira showcased the more outrageous Tweets he spray painted in an effort to curb incitement, along with an explanation for why he did it.

Shapira made headlines earlier this year when he launched an initiative called Yolocaust in which he took images of people posing near Holocaust memorials, which were publicly posted on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, and edited the backdrop to Nazi extermination camps. The manipulated photos served as an artistic critique of individuals who visit sites commemorating the genocide of six millions Jews during World War II and then proceed to post pictures of themselves smiling and appearing to have a good time.


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