Jewish Qabalah : Qlipoth


We shall review a book called „Qabalah Qlipoth and Goethic Magic“ by Thomas Karlsson who is a Swedish occultist and esoteric author, with a PhD in the History of Religions from the University of Stockholm. In 2007 he held the first Swedish university course in Western Esotericism. So far I have been unable to find out whether or not this individual is Jewish to some degree – but, let us assume that he isn’t. His book is quite interesting, adds a lot of insight into various topics, but also includes a lot of nonsense which simply seems to be a part of anything that is associated to Jews in one way or the other. People tend to go over the top believing in almost anything once a certain point of their willpower has been broken. Going through the entire book would take too much time and would basically be like writing a whole new book – but, rest assured – we shall cover the truly most important subjects related to the topic which interests us most here : The Jews.

Numbers in brackets point to the page where a certain element from the book is taken. We shall begin by looking into the description of Qabalah by Thomas : The Qabalah is an esoteric lore delineating the creation of the universe and the human soul. It describes how man can develop through different levels. The main theme in Qabalah is the Biblical tradition, and it is a form of theology that strives to reach knowledge about God. But, at the same time, it is a psychology that attempts to make a detailed map of man’s soul. It is, additionally, a cosmology which describes the universe and its construction. [13]

There are many descriptions of the Qabalah, many of which we have seen before in my previous articles. The main idea behind the most generally accepted one is that the Qabalist is simply an individual who hungers for any and all type of knowledge which would help him reach his enlightenment, that is to say his path towards Self-realization, which some may simply describe as : Becoming a God. This would sound fascinating to someone were he not informed about the Jews who have been stealing, corrupting, perverting and manipulating other people, nations and races – it is in the Jewish Nature to be a Qabalist – because they will then use the knowledge of their enemy to destroy him. It helps the Jew tremendously therefore to create an occult environment in which this sharing of information becomes the normative.

One always has to wonder why anyone would trust anything which a Jew came up with. After all, everything and anything is true because „in their mind it is real“.

Thomas adds another interesting piece of information : Knowledge is truly a double-edged sword that constantly lures man to travel further, but which can also destroy him if he journeys too far. [18] I wouldn’t use the „journey too far“, it doesn’t fit here in that sense. I would rather say that the lust for knowledge can lead an individual into following dark paths which are going to destroy him rather than enlighten him. Where one desires knowledge, others desire money – the process of self-destruction ends up being the same. Knowledge indeed is a double-edged sword, but it does nothing on its own – the individual uses it and wields it. Evil arises only with an Intent – and someone can use his Knowledge for an Evil purpose.

The author reminds us of a quote by Carl Gustav Jung : „Enlightenment consists not in the seeing of luminous shapes and visions, but in making the darkness visible.“ [20] A very true statement indeed, a statement which many will connect to the mysticism of the Black Sun as well. In utter darkness does one find the brightest light. Thomas claims that Qabalah began around the 4th century during the Hellenistic era and that its Jewish version would later on become popular only around the 12th and 13th century [21] with Jewish Mystics coming up with new ideas, one prophet after the other, combining their numbers and letters into what we would also later on know as Gematria. He gives an example with the word Messiah, having a numerological value of 358 – the same value which the Serpent in the Garden of Eden has. He wonders: Could the serpent be identical to the Messiah? [22]

This Messiah theory is hinted in the Star Wars movies – Anakin has all the traits of the Jewish Messiah – and would end up betraying them only to become „good“ again at the very end of the story. Anyways, Thomas explains to us how Qabalah is divided into two main branches : Speculative and Practical [22]. I should point out here that Freemasonry has also two main branches : Speculative and Operative. A coincidence, I’m sure.What Thomas refered to as the „Hellenistic“ era in the 4th century, might as well be simply regarded as Jewish control within that area. Even better, he continues with the following statement : Written Qabalah was based on Qabalistic texts such as the Zohar or the Bahir. [23].

Anyways, knowing that the written Qabalah is based on a genocidal book of the Jews – one has to wonder what kind of benevolent illumination one might receive from the Qabalah itself. However, Thomas seems not to care about that fact, for all we know he might not have ever read the fucking Zohar, for he continues : The Zohar is the most important Qabalistic text; it is a voluminous and detailed collection of esoteric texts arranged in five parts. The main ambition of the Zohar is to present a mystical interpretation of the law, the Torah, i.e. the five books of Moses. The first three parts deal especially with speculations on the Torah. [23]

Tell that to your average Christcuck – a blank stare is all that you will get – alongside the occassional „Deus Vult!“. But, rest assured, the Christian Identity crowd must surely be aware of all these various studies of the Torah, the Old Testament, for they are – after all – the real fucking Jews, excuse me, Israelites. Thomas again explains how the Qabalah started out as an ancient Pagan Greek philosophy that would end up being hijacked by Jews and would also include a Christian version during the Renaisance. [24,25] You know, if you use Jewish mysticism which is based upon the idea of annihilating the rest of the world – then you must be mad – or the Truth simply is that it, the Qabalah, was Jewish from the get-go. When all fails however, it is simply said that Qabalah itself is an „universal“ spiritual tradition. [26]

The book then continues with the analysis of the Tree of Life – a symbol which is simply the Jewish perverted version of the Kundalini and Chakra system. [28] The Jews would end up implementing into it any and all knowledge which other people had prior to them – so you find the Tarot, Astrology, Astronomy and various other sciences included into the Jewish Tree of Life. Thomas has a slightly different explanation for the Hermetic idea behind the statement of „I am“. [33] In Hermetics the „I“ is the masculine, whereas the „am“ is the feminine. In his approach, the I is existence without form; I am is masculine; I am who I am is then finally the feminine. One can understand both explanations, but it is important to notice that the realization of „I“ already includes a Self-identity, an exclusion, a conscious development. It is associated with willpower and the mental capacity of being able to distinguish oneself from the rest. The „I“ is the identity – it is a logical operation and therefore to be associated with the Masculine. Out of it, through its guidance, emerges a unique feminine principle – the „am“ – which gives form to the identity. The European Man may represent the idea behind European Civilization – but it is his Woman which gives it its form. The same is true on the mental level : His Masculine identity would be nothing without the Creativity of his Feminine principle.

The Tree of Life, just as your average and regular Masonic emblem symbolism, includes two main paths : The Left and Right one.

The Left one is usually associated with the intellect and logic, while the Right one with art, colors, poetry. Both aim to reach enlightenment – one through knowledge and self-development, the other through, basically, self-destruction and unity with God. The Left hand seeks to reach God-hood on its own and become a God alongside/in opposition to God, while the Right hand seeks to simply re-unite with God and be dissolved within him. The Right path is usually associated to Jesus, something which his followers should also be to understand at this point in time, for they wish nothing more than to die and end this life in order to get their free ticket to the Jewish Heaven.

Thomas describes the middle path which also exists, but is almost never talked about : The middle pillar is associated with the spiritual warrior who balances the extremes of the other two pillars to attain the highest level. This path is viewed as the most difficult and is called the „Royal Path“. [36] This is the balance we must walk upon as well – and you know this to be true in almost every factor of our modern day life – Jews want you to remain in the chaotic environment of the „left and right“, of extremes which are meant to keep fighting against one another. They never wish for you to unite yourself in balance and harmony and become a truly spiritual warrior who is able to resist their machinations. This „you“ is metaphysical – it is individual, it is ethnic, national, racial.

With these two different paths we enter, for a lack of better words, the „darkness“ of the Qabalah theory. The right hand path, as mentioned already, is associated to Jesus and the Jewish Laws – with the idea that by following „God’s Laws“ one can attain enlightenment and unification with him. I shall remind you at this point in time, once more, that the Jew Mendelssohn told us that Judaism is not a Religion, but a Law religionized. With that in mind the only thing that should come to you know is a sudden shock and question : How the hell did the Jews manage to create so much crap out of a set of Laws which were designed to create a supposed order within their society?

Thomas associates many various things with the Left path and seems to be running his own cult of it in Sweden. He associates Nordic mythology to it, includes Odin as a main character in it, describes how the Black Sun is the hidden knowledge on the Tree of Life and associates Lucifer to this path as the main archetype – who is also called Samael – the closest angel to the Jewish God Yahweh, a servant of him.

We learn the following : In the middle of the supernal triad, God’s all seeing eye is revealed; a symbol that can be recognized from old church paintings and Masonic seals. This symbol represents God’s totalitarian power and the isolation of his authority in relation to the lower levels. The adepts of the light worship and praise this power. They submit themselves to God, Yahweh, and attempt to live in accordance with his laws and decrees. For Jewish Qabalists it means trying to live according to the Mosaic laws. For Christian Qabalists it is about following Jesus and placing their faith in him. Qabalistically, the crucifixion of Jesus symbolizes how, through his death, he creates a bridge over the Abyss and thus re-unites God and man. The Qabalistic goal is to appease Yahweh and through this restore the original harmonic order on the Tree of Life. [43]

And we have over 2 billion imbeciles who are doing the Will of this Jewish God, who have submitted themselves to him, his laws, his will, his ideas – and the world has been utter shit ever since. In the 21st century the idea is to unite all Abrahamic faiths into one single religion since they all worship the same imbecile anyways – alas – no one seems to care about the emotions of Yahweh. Someone should call his hotline and ask him already which one of the „holy books“, which he supposedly dropped from heaven, are exactly to be followed. But, rest assured, the Jews will simply invent a new one – God will finally get access to the internet and deliver a new version of the Bible which will unite us all into one beautiful Jewish controlled tribe of race-mixed, low IQ lunatics. Thomas continues with a description of the Left hand path :

The adepts of the Left Hand Path walk another and more difficult path. It is a path that is hard and Draconian, but which has the greatest goal: that of becoming a god. Instead of repairing the damage of the Fall, the dark adept glorifies the Fall and allows the destruction to be fulfilled. The dark adept crushes the old to let something new arise in its place. [43]

To many – Albert Pike – and his Luciferian world view of the future might pop to mind here. Others will simply see flashing New World Order signs going around in their mind. Yes, Odin also became a God by sacrificing a lot and by attaining knowledge and Wisdom. But he never mentioned god damn Jews, now did he? The idea of connecting European mythology and knowledge to Jewish mysticism is just disgusting and sad – it corrupts it – it is like spiritual race-mixing of the worst possible kind.

The Author continues on the nature of evil : If God were the good and almighty father that he is portrayed to be, Lucifer’s revolt would not be much worse than a teenage rebellion. The gods that are supposed to represent the good, such as the God of the Old Testament, allow and conduct several acts that most of us would deem brutal or evil. The God of the Old Testament inflames his followers to commit genocide and brutal violations. It is indeed very confusing to attempt to grasp what is good and evil by reading the old religious texts. The Gnostics even claimed that the God of the Old Testament was the true Devil, and that the Serpent in the Garden of Eden was the Savior. Satanism is a similar philosophy that turns these concepts upside down, and since the concepts are viewed as being upside down in the first place, it is a process of turning everything right. [49]

All of this is in many ways nonsense since we know, for a fact, that the Old Testament is based on stolen texts in which the idea of „one God“ never existed. The very term „Elohim“ used in the Bible for God is a plural word meaning „Gods“. The very concept of „returning to one God“ is therefore immediately destroyed, because there are „Many Gods“ in the story of the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life. But, one simply has to, as per usual, „ignore“ such stuff and go with the Jewish flow. Keep on making up shit and hope that people will eventually get shackled by it. Alas, indeed, the Gnostics said that Yahweh was the Evil bastard himself – and to no surprise – Jews and Christians genocided all the Gnostics. It is as if Thomas has never really read any of the Jewish Books, including the Bible, that he simply doesn’t seem to understand that the Jewish God, Yahweh, as the representation of the Jewish racial collective, has the plan of subduing the whole Earth and enslaving everyone under his Power and Will. In case of Satanism, as we saw in my article called „Satanism vs Judaism“, it is again important to understand the Jewish viewpoint on Satan, for they simply call him a benevolent agent of God who is doing God’s Will and allowing the Jews to grow and overcome obstacles. To put it in Christian terms : Satan is Deus Vult-ing all day long in Judaism. Thomas continues on evil :

The Jewish God says it very clearly : I create Evil and make Peace. Not Good – but simply Peace. There is quite the difference between bringing about „good“ and bringing about „peace“. Peace can be performed through utter tyrannical force : You force everyone to submit to you – and voila! – you have artificial Peace going on.But another very important, crucial piece of information is to be found in Jewish scriptures yet again, including the Talmud and the Zohar, where we learn from the Jews themselves that all the Evil in the World arises only because of them. We covered that information in my articles before already as well.

It is also useful to know that in this Jewish Qabalistic mysticism, the Jews are helping the fallen version of God, namely Samael, that is to say Lucifer, become their God again – their „God“ does not exist in his full glory and form yet – so they must help the fallen version of him to get back to his former position of power. A benevolent task, isn’t it? Why, one can’t wait to join that club and help out the Jews to get back to their power alongside the „God“ who is supposedly going to destroy everyone else once he is fully back online. One of the main reasons for evil, the root of it, according to the Qabalists, is „separation“, which is embodied in the term „Geburah“, signifying an aspect of God. As the original tree of life got destroyed, Geburah became an independent force.

Thomas says : Samael, Satan’s name in Jewish literature, originally an aspect of God in several interpretations, is also found in the 72 names of God, in the name Sa’ael. When the force of Geburah became independent, Maveth, also known as death, broke into existence, and also into the name of Sa’el, which thereafter became Samael, i.e. the angel of death. The faithful Jewish Qabalists believed that at the arrival of the Messiah death would be defeated, and they also believed that when man reached the original paradisiacal existence at some stage in the future Samael would be released from the principle of death and, once again, become one with God and regain the name Sa’el. [56-57]

The G in Masonry might as well stand for Geburah.

Anyways, here see again that it is the Jewish goal to uplift Satan in order to return him to his former glory alongside the Jewish God Yahweh who just can’t wait to kill all of us non-Jews once fully charged up again. Whether you have Jews worshiping Satan in his lower form, or worshiping Yahweh in his full form again – you, as a non-Jew, are fucked. Alas, this theme of „fighting death“ is not just something „Qabalistic Jews“ were all about. It is something the entire Bible is part of. The entire Bible, yes. We read:

Hebrews 2:14 – Therefore, since the children share in flesh and blood, He Himself likewise also partook of the same, that through death He might render powerless him who had the power of death, that is, the devil, …

In other words – if you believe in Jesus and all the Jewish fairy tales associated to him – then you believe that he already conquered Death, he already defeated Samael and turned him into the higher form of God. And if that is true, if he did succeed in it, then we are currently witnessing the full power of the Jewish God, who told you that he creates Evil upon this planet. One has to wonder why the average Christcuck is surprised that the world is becoming more and more evil, more and more degenerate – while more and more followers of the Jewish God multiply, the God who creates Evil, whose Chosen people are, according to their own Scriptures, the very source of Evil. Truly, a mistery. But, there is more :

2 Timothy 1:10 – … but now has been revealed by the appearing of our Savior Christ Jesus, who abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel, …

The biblical story has something to do with other Jewish scriptures? Why, that truly most be a shock to the average Christcuck. But rest assured, it surely doesn’t come as a surprise to the Christian Identity idiots – after all – they are the real Jews and should know all about this. Jesus having something to do with the Jewish Qabalistic worldview. Who could have foreseen something like that? Be a good Christian goy and be worthy of Jesus – don’t marry, don’t have kids :

Luke 20:35-36 – … but those who are considered worthy to attain to that age and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry nor are given in marriage; for they cannot even die anymore, because they are like angels, and are sons of God, being sons of the resurrection.

1 Corinthians 15:23-28 – But each in turn: Christ, the firstfruits; then, when he comes, those who belong to him. Then the end will come, when he hands over the kingdom to God the Father after he has destroyed all dominion, authority and power. For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. The last enemy to be destroyed is death. For he “has put everything under his feet.” Now when it says that “everything” has been put under him, it is clear that this does not include God himself, who put everything under Christ. When he has done this, then the Son himself will be made subject to him who put everything under him, so that God may be all in all.

How nice. And once that is done, he will hand over the Jewish kingdom to the Jewish God and even he himself will submit to the Jew God as the good mercenary that he was. So much about the Trinity – by the way. And once all of that is done – the last enemy to be destroyed is death. At this point in time, the only thing that death can mean here is the following : The Jews will be, once they establish their Jew World Order, forever and ever – till the end of time – be 100% sure that they will not die out as a Race, as a Nation, as a Collective : Their individual group survival will never be in danger anymore. That is death viewed from the Jewish perspective. To make you understand this point more clear : Our Race, the White European Race, is currently facing death and extinction.

Now to give you more insight on how mad, insane, retarded and outright deranged the Jews are, let us see what they actually think about the term Edom : The Zohar tells us that Edom means “a kingdom of a severity which is not weakened by any pity.” The ancient lords of Edom were eleven in number, and this number is associated with the principle of evil in the Bible. [60] Take a deep breath now. Think clearly. Allow your mind to see the Jewish reason behind this. Why would the Jews call Nations and Rulers who were not weakened by any pity evil? Because it was impossible for the Jews to emotionally manipulate these Nations and Kings through compassion, tolerance, victimization, etc. The Jews had no chance to sell themselves as poor victims, as poor refugees who needed shelter and help – as poor persecuted people who are asking for asylum in order to get into a host nation and infect it. That is why these “Edom” kingdoms are the “principle of Evil” for the Jews. Every time War happened somewhere, started by the Jews in almost every case, they managed to get entrance into another “compassionate” land through the excuse of being persecuted refugees.

Thomas adds quite the interesting philosophical thought : If existence is to be possible outside God, He must draw a limit to define where He is not. [63] We can simplify these Jewish theories by looking at Natural truths. The spirit and soul of our people can only exist within this material realm in the form of material bodies. For the higher level of existence, that is to say soul, spirit, intellect – to exist within the material realm : It requires a finite body for the infinite element of the soul and spirit. Only in such a form can it come to “life” as we know it.

Death is therefore a requirement of Life. It is the limit for the act of being and the fact of existing.

The idea of Christianity was to “destroy Death” and therefore destroy Life itself. It was the destruction of everything and the “return to the Unity of God”. If God however wanted life to come into existence in the first place, then it would be an act against him to destroy it. If God wanted races to exist, then race-mixing is an act of hereticism. As per usual, one finds the most reasonable and sensible answers in Nature and by simple Observation. Whether or not Thomas is aware of the idiocy behind race-mixing is something we can’t be sure about, but he might be able to grasp it because he says the following : The pure and holy is thus mixed with the unpure and unholy, which results in the creation of demonic anti-worlds. [65] Ironically, the Jews still claim that the “Kings of Edom” exist, whereas according to the Qabala, they are long dead and gone. Alas, as I have said before – it is archetypal. To the Jew any Nation that resists their manipulative ways, that has no “pity”, is Edom.

There is also an idea about Hell in the Qabala : In many respects, the Sitra Ahra corresponds to Hell. Sitra Ahra is a kingdom that arose from God’s wrathful and punishing side, Geburah. The Sitra Ahra represents the countries that surround the Jewish people and the countries in which they, as a punishment from God, are in exile. The struggle is between the Jewish people, who are called upon to separate good from evil, and the Sitra Ahra, which strives with all its might to return matters to their original state and to develop sanctity within impurity. [80-81]

Did you catch that? Because of God we, the non-Jews, exist – as a punishment for the Jews. Hell on Earth are all the non-Jewish people, nations, races. Amazing, isn’t it? What kind of an idiocy is all of this? But the imagination of the Qabalists seems to have no boundaries : The Sitra Ahra acts as a purifying purgatory that can cause people to reincarnate up to a thousand times before they have reached complete purity. The truly evil only get three chances. If, after a third incarnation, they have not bettered themselves, they will turn into dust forever, after having been handed a harsh sentence. [81] Meanwhile, the Jews will try everything in their power to destroy this “Hell” – and if you are do something “Evil” to them you’ll get turned to dust. Hey, it’s a win-win situation, isn’t it? But here comes the most important part of the entire god damn book. Let us progress slowly into it :

Jesus came only for the Jews. The Jews are imprisoned in Sitra Ahra, the Gentile Hell. According to the biblical narrative and this knowledge here – Jesus would uplift the Jews and annihilate evil, represented as the Goyim world. How nice. We continue :

Adam, the first man, was created after the original catastrophe in which the sparks fell into the Abyss, and he was assigned to recreate order in God’s Creation. Adam received all positive qualities of the original man, Adam Kadmon. Adam’s soul was created in perfect balance with all parts of the Tree of Life. He was constructed from 613 parts corresponding to the 613 commandments of the Torah. According to the Qabalists, following the laws of the Torah could restore God’s original order. Adam was the new link between God and His Creation and was supposed to end the separation that had arisen. [83]

One must dig really deep into ALL the 613 laws to understand the Qabalistic idea of “Jews” being chosen to “restore God’s order of things”. One must also note that we know, for a fact, that Jews were not the “first choice of God”, but the very last one – supposedly all other people “rejected” God. What then is the original order of things? Full submission to God and his Will. Adam’s soul was perfect – it was constructed by the 613 laws of the Torah – one of them being to apply Usury to non-Jews and to enslave them. Yeah, that is going to restore “God’s original order” – the Jewish New World Order. But, it would seem that the Jews rebelled against their own God – for Thomas continues :

Instead of fulfilling this mission, Adam is seduced by evil and the catastrophe is repeated and made worse. Where once Adam Kadmon stood, instead of the perfect man, now arises an evil and altogether worthless Creation that the Qabalists call Adam Beliyy’al. These fallen souls from Adam are, according to Lurian Qabalah, the Jewish people in exile in the foreign domains of darkness. Adam deepened and repeated the original disaster, and now only a future Messiah can bring back the order, according to the Qabalists. [83]

How could Adam restore God’s order without having God’s knowledge? Without having his power, strength and capabilities? How can an engineer fix a machine if he doesn’t know how the machine operates? Adam’s mistake was acquiring knowledge which was labelled as “Godly”. This entire Jewish mythology makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. So, the Jewish people collectively are entirely seduced and consumed by evil and represent a worthless Creation which is entirely material and obsessed with materialism. But, instead of ending their evil, let us wait for a supposed Messiah who will fix them. Jesus, if followed, turns a people into self-suiciding retards. Since the Jews killed him and rejected his message, one can conclude that this “Messiah” didn’t succeed in his job. Quite the opposite – he helped the Jews to conquer the world with a new religion. And now we are in the shit.

So, what does this story look like from the Jewish perspective? Let us really dig deep into the Jewish deranged mind and all the nonsense which he has made up.

Assume the following : God splits in half and his Evil part somehow become autonomous – but through this Evil – life as we know it comes into existence. In order to fix himself, God creates Adam who is supposed to function as his link through which he is going to heal His own self from the inside out – Adam is just and only supposed to do his Will, he is just and only supposed to follow orders. The evil, as we have already read, are all the non-Jews, also called Hell, who have been created by God’s mistake at the beginning.

God gives Adam, the Jews at this point, a set of Commandments by which they will remain his Chosenites, and through which they will be able to conquer and destroy non-Jews, enabling God to fix himself. Alongside this path the Jews however grow autonomous and say fuck you to God – we will indeed kill all non-Jews – but won’t allow you to fix your own Self : We will exist and rule this dimension. So, God sends one Messiah after the other, one of them being Jesus (let us, for the sake of argument here ignore the fact that the entire Bible is a Jewish Lie and consists of stolen documents from Egypt, Sumeria, Babylon, etc., and that the story of Jesus is made up bullshit as well) – to tell the Jews to stop worshiping the “fallen” version of God, namely Samael, and worship the “upper” version of God who sent them out on a mission in the first place. Jews kill this Messiah also and keep on working on a way to make Samael powerful, but without unifying with and fixing God. That, in short, might be it. The Goyim, the non-Jews, lose in all fucking possible scenarios according to this Jewish mystical story. The only purpose of the entire existence is to see whether or not the fucking Jews will supposedly fix God or not – and if they do decide to do so – they have to destroy Evil in this world which is represented by all non-Jews.

Holy. Fucking. Shit. And people believe this shit. They create cults based upon it. They create religions based upon this. They call this some kind of spiritual enlightenment, some kind of path, some kind of mysticism. In the end you have two versions of Jews basically : Version A which wishes to destroy all Gentiles because that would mean that God is fixed ; Version B which wishes to eternally enslave all Gentiles because that goes against God and serves their fallen God Samael. Even if a Messiah shows up and “fixes” the Jews by making them be good buddies with Yahweh again – they will have to annihilate “Evil” and “Hell” on this planet in order to help their good old buddy “up there”. You are supposed to spectate all of this nonsense and try to enjoy life while it lasts.

Now they are returning to the point, but this time the circle is supposed to remain in full diameter of the entire planet – thus their control is completely established. This is why traitors intermarry with these lunatics – as did Trump, Putin – and many other Shabbos goy, who as a matter of fact, might be Jews themselves anyways. Point is – that the average lemming believes all of this shit : Whether it is the Christcuck, the Muslim, the Mason, the Qabalist… it is the same bunch of imbeciles who think they are special or enlightened for doing the bidding of the Jew. We understand also that the Jew is – not – a nationalist. Has never been and will never be.  The point is to have a safe zone, not to be a nationalist. The point is to have a place from which they can safely control, where they can hide in; the point is globalism which serves them. Israel is merely a side-mission in this entire main quest. They will destroy it as well when the time is right. Only when there exists the illusion of world “unity” and “globalism” as the norm will the Jew finally be free to control this world entirely.

It is said that one of Thoth’s two reasons for the sinking of Atlantis was: confidential, esoteric knowledge was used by unworthy people for evil purposes. I’d wager to say that this is the case with the Jews. The Jews suddenly, somewhere 3000 + years ago, got their hands on esoteric and occult knowledge which was not meant for them. Since they have acquired it, this world has been nothing but hell. Since their God, who creates Evil, poisoned the minds of this world – everything has been degenerated and – slowly, but surely : Is falling apart. The Jew is like a child with too much power. Incapable of taking care of himself he wishes for his parents to take care of him while still emotionally manipulating them. Once the parents are dead and gone, and once there won’t be any slaves left with enough IQ to keep this illusion of power going on – the Jew will be dead and gone as well. I said it before, I’ll say it again : If there was life on Mars – there were Jews on it. The rest is self-evident.

Thomas continues by telling us Evil was balanced out in the Tree of Life – but ever since being “eaten” it has released evil in Adam who, as we have already seen, is represented by the Jews. He says quite simply : … and Adam becomes Satan, the evil instinct and the angel of death. [89] The idea of the 613 laws of the Bible is therefore nonsense – as the Jews existed before those laws already and were, according to the linear progress of this story, already an Evil entity. The only thing one can assume is that God tried to fix them with the laws, but since we know what those laws imply, we also know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this “God” is lunatic, or – more precisely – Satan himself.

We know, according to the story of the Bible, that there exist Two particularly important trees – the one of Knowledge and the one of Life. We also learn that God banishes Adam for eating the tree of Knowledge and gives out a warning – that is to say – the “Gods” don’t want him to eat from the Tree of Life now. When you have the knowledge of someone else, you pretty much have insight into all that he represents.

In our modern day times, one could say that the Jews know us better than we do ourselves – this is their “Tree of Knowledge” upon the Gentiles of all the World, especially the White Race. They know it, better than it knows itself today. With that knowledge, and without being banished from continuing to abusing that knowledge among us, the Jews have taken control over our “Tree of Life”. This shouldn’t be a too difficult metaphor to understand here. With the Knowledge the Jews have, and without being banished from our lands, the Jews will use that Knowledge in order to destroy the very fabric of our Life and Existence. The message is very clear : You must kick them out. If we are to follow the linear logic from this book – with Adam being the Jews, and with Adam representing Evil – then it should click something in the head of every Christcuck that the Jews were not only kicked out of Europe and other Nations in over 300 cases – but were also kicked out of the fucking “Garden of Eden”. And what do you suppose would the Jews do were they ever to reach back into the Eden? They would fuck it up as well, just as they do with everything.

Thomas continues : The Tree of Life corresponds to a utopian Torah, unknown to man, and pulsating with the limitless energy of life. This new Torah from the Tree of Life will replace the old Torah during the Messianic age and, to the Qabalists, these two types of Torah represented the two pairs of stone tablets that Moses received from God on Mount Sinai. At the arrival of the Messianic state the laws are turned upside down or are, at least, abolished. Gershom Scholem writes: Everyone who wants to serve God as he does now (i.e., by the traditional way of life) will in those days (of the Messiah) be called a desecrator of the Sabbath and a destroyer of the plantings (i.e., a downright heretic). The utopian inner Torah would, in that case, go against Judaism and the historic Torah. All veils will be removed when the Messiah returns and a common thought is that the Jews should keep the ordinary Torah until the Messiah arrives and initiates the new Torah. The Messiah is beyond good and evil and, from a common perspective, His behavior and His acts would be perceived as scandalous and objectionable. [90-92]

Which, in other words means that the utopia is “satanic” in relationship to Judaism. The “future world” is in opposition to what Judaism represents. And that “future world” is being created right now as we speak. But, to the non-Jew, both the Jewish worldview, that is to say anything Biblical, and the anti-thesis of it, is : Death. It is said that sexual promiscuity should be promoted instead of anything “traditional”. Everything will be turned upside down in that wonderful futuristic world. Jesus came to bring a sword, not peace. He came to destroy the family unit, not restore it. He came to tell you to sell all your shit, not possess anything. You get the idea, right.

In the Bahir it is written that evil is in the north or the west. [95]

Isn’t that a fucking surprise? Jews writing in their “holy book” that the god damn north and west is evil. Thomas continues : God remains the source of evil. Evil is a part of God’s being and Creation. [98] To unite that which is supposed to be apart and to divide that which is designed to be united are both acts of evil. [103] Well, I’ll be damned. Equality, Tolerance, Race-mixing, etc. It sure is a nice world we live in. Also, do notice – All of these “upside down” things that Jews are doing to us, all the shit they do to us, which in many ways is even against the “laws of the Bible”, are already an act of the “inner Torah”. We just read that when this new Torah, this “new world order”, comes to pass that it will turn everything literally upside down. We also mentioned how Jesus basically was going to turn everything upside down. One could, logically, conclude here that the Jews already have the “new Torah”. But, when one remains reasonable, one can understand that this entire mystical nonsense means nothing – it isn’t a fucking new “Bible” – nor is it a fucking new “set of Laws from God” – it is simply Jews being degenerate evil bastards destroying this entire god damn planet. Thomas points out a good things from Deuteronomy :

Deuteronomy 7:16 – And thou shalt consume all the people which the LORD thy God shall deliver thee, thine eye shall have no pity upon them.

I wonder how this works in the case of the already mentioned “Kings of Edom” who were regarded as Evil because they had no pity upon anyone or anything. Truly a mystery. We also learn from Thomas the following : The conclusion that one can draw from the Qabalistic view on evil is that evil is interpreted as a situation in which man, or someone or something outside God, does what God does. The utmost goal of magic is to influence one’s existence in accordance with one’s will. [105] Magic is the art of will. [135] How does this work with doing “God’s Will”, if it can be equaled to doing what God does? And the Jews indeed are doing “magic” upon the population – re-shaping the world according to their own will. When magic fails, wars, assassinations, and other more “hardcore” things are being “channeled”. Since we already learned how Samael is simply an expression of God, part of God, the messenger of God – it doesn’t come as a shock to learn that Samael is the “Poison of God” [121].

Finally, Thomas says : Beelzebub explains how he overthrows kings and places demons in people’s minds so that they can never reach Heaven. His greatest desire is to destroy the world. Only then will he reach peace.[168-169] Interestingly enough, the name “Israel“, that is to say “Jacob“, defines people who are to overthrow other nations and people in order to destroy them and take them over. Their “God” also wishes to destroy everyone else, letting them think that they will be left behind afterwards alone to rule the nothingness of the planet. Hey, the Jewish God might as well be this guy right here. Some Qabalistic theories indeed do say that the end goal is to simply annihilate this world – again, the hope here being – that they would re-unite with God.

Well, that’s it with the book. We reviewed it quite a lot, didn’t we? There are many more interesting things in it and I highly advise it. There is, of course, a lot of nonsense in it as well – it is after all – based on Jewish mysticism. But, with everything Jewish being stolen someway, somehow, somewhere at some point in time – you can always find something valuable in it as well. You just have to have enough willpower to not fall into the abyss and idiocy of it. You are staring at darkness – do not get consumed by it. Take a rest while reading such material, always re-think everything you just read – never, ever, consume it all at once and just let it control your mind. Whenever you feel exhausted by it, or overwhelmed by its information – take a break, exercise, rest. Never overcharge yourself with Jewish nonsense. Repetition and timely indoctrination is, after all, what the Jews use to mind-manipulate people. Don’t let their books and documents do the same.

Jews planned out white genocide. Two thousand years later they call it a fulfillment of prophecy. Let that information sink in. This is what the Jews call prophecy. The fulfillment of their planned out strategical moves against the non-Jewish world. They not only fool the goyim with it, but also boost the morale of their own people, for even among the Jews there are simple minded imbeciles who need to be brainwashed to further the cause of the collective. And do remember – Jesus the Jew – had to die in order to fulfill his “prophecy” – it was god’s plan and will for him to die. If you believe that Jews did something “horrible” by killing him – then you are against god’s will and plan. The Jews aided both god and Jesus in his/their plan – do you get that? It was all “part” of this Jewish Yahweh fucking plan.

We are facing the world’s most dangerous enemy, its most-evil entity. Never forget that. Always be on the look-out for its manipulations. It will try to engulf you, try to catch you, put you in a spider’s web at every given chance, at every given moment. It will attempt to do whatever it can to use you as a good Shabbos goy. Only when everything else fails – will it deal with you directly. For all of this you must be ready and prepared. No one said that this mission is going to be easy. No one said that this life itself is going to be nice. As a matter of fact, life, as we currently know it, is complete and utter bullshit. Beauty has lost its meaning, love is being destroyed, the family is being exterminated, the entire planet is led into a global carnal communism through magical mind manipulation. Everything is upside-down, there are no true values and morals anymore. Loyalty is a word that one cannot find in a dictionary anymore. Truth is barely being whispered and those who hear it run away from it. But, here you are. In spite of all this chaos, death and destruction, you and I have been born into this world. We have been sent here with enough willpower, with enough spirit and soul – all that our still existing racial consciousness could spare – to wake up the rest of us and create a force strong enough to resist this on-going destruction of not only our own race and people, but the entire planet.

Without a doubt, the White Race needs to experience a collective Re-Birth. If one is to use occult terms – it has to initiate itself. But, I would use another wording here that fits much better : It has to engage its Self.

For currently it is running on a Jewish programmed auto-pilot without any aim, purpose, meaning, energy or willpower. People are trying to be accepted by any means necessary, which is in on itself the first sign of individuals without any self-identity, self-worth and self-willpower to shape their own self : Fashion is the word of the day; Trends are the narrative of life; Acceptance is ultimate goal. Everything is Equal – Lies are Truth, Genocide is Progression, Race-mixing is Diversity, the Death of Ethnic people and Nations is multi-culturalism. I hate the World as it is right now. And you should too. Because this hate is the natural response to a world filled with Evil. Resist Evil. Hate it. Embrace the Energy which flows within you and direct it where it should be aimed at.

Embrace the Aryan once more!


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