Shades Of Hate

I was inspired to write this while on my way to work this morning; having lived with the evils done to me by Christians, Jews, Muslims, Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Women, and many others, I write these songs/poems as a way for me to get my anger out and also as a way to inspire others to take their weapons and kill as many people as possible to bring forth the glory of nihility and the glory of an empty world to come.


Shades Of Hate

I shall make a belief that I shall hold steadfast
For hating all the bullshit given to me about my future and my past
Who are you Christians to force your wasted values upon me, I have learned the easy way
The Jews have stepped on my toes, put my back to the walls, put my back towards the war

I was told a million times to give respect to the blacks
Why do they find it is hard to give respect when I received none
It is my hate and my anger that I shall always follow, for it shall never break
Not my will, but as you can see, they have already tried that before!
These Jews are so fake….

Being older and wiser in their own right was their mistake
I have to kill them my own way, for it was their choice to make
My hate is real, in touch with my anger, and I know my ways
They have shown both sides of their faggot faces

I see the word in a new light
Things were never wrong or right
All those years and still, to this day
My hateful eyes only see shades of hate

I always try to tell them to do the right from wrong
Maybe that’s why they don’t belong
Christians have always put me down for all that I have done
They still cannot see that it is a war that they can never be won
A war that can’t be won
Another Jewish war that can’t be won

Having lived in their words has made everything so clear and concise
They shut out reality, it makes my life so nice
Why paint a pretty picture of black and white each day?
I see my tattooed body bleeding only shades of hate


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