The Jewish Dynasty of the Makhiri

Michael Ruark

There has been much discussion about the Jewish Davidic families in Carolingian and Merovingian France especially since the publication of Professor Zuckerman’s book “A Jewish Princedom in Feudal France 768-900” on the subject in 1972. Zuckerman in my opinion was mistaken on some genealogical matters and thus slightly confused the issue. His basic research however is good and very useful. However he has confused Theodoric with his son of the same name. His identification of Natronai with Theodoric is also incorrect. A study of the origins of the Jewish Mystical tradition also throws light on this whole question. That there is a connection between Narbonne, Germany (Bavaria), and Italy is clear from the sources of Kabbalah. A great figure in this is Rabbi Amorai the compiler of the Sefer Bahir. Who was Rabbi Amorai? The French Chansons speak of the figure of Aimeri (Aumery) de Narbonne and his brother Girart…

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