Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan met with his Canadian counterpart, Ralph Goodale, at Israel Police National Headquarters in Jerusalem on Monday to discuss Israel’s advanced counter-terrorism techniques, and how the countries can cooperate in the growing war on terrorism.

Goodale, formerly Canada’s finance minister, was accompanied by a senior delegation of officials in charge of security and emergency affairs from his nation’s Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Ministry.

Erdan praised Canada as “a true partner of Israel” in the fight against terrorism, adding his hope that the relationship will continue to grow as attacks become increasingly common in the Western world.

“We are working to expand cooperation between the two countries as part of the establishment of an international coalition to combat terrorism and the incitement that nurtures it,” he said. “And I emphasized to him that terrorism cannot be fought without first fighting incitement.”

During the two-hour meeting, the ministers discussed the handling of recent terrorist attacks and riots in the Old City and on the Temple Mount, intelligence sharing, and cooperation in the field of anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapons.

“Beyond increasing cooperation, the ministers spoke about the exchange of knowledge and delegations between the two countries on [critical] issues such as protecting infrastructure, combating international crime, and managing emergency situations,” the Public Security Ministry said in a statement.

Goodale also took part in a roundtable discussion led by the ministry’s chief scientist, Dr.

Gad Frishman, on the subject of post-trauma among first responders


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