The Manifest Destiny of The Jews

There are two immutable laws or principles, which create the dynamic of Israel?s current struggle, and, ironically, they apply equally to both Arabs and Jews. In my computer files I have them on a document entitled, ?The Two Keys.?

1. It is not a shift in Jewish public opinion which will affect change, but rather the mistakes of the Arabs and their supporters.?

-The Lubavitcher Rebbe, letter to Gen. Ariel Sharon, September 5, 1968

2. As long as the Arabs feel that there is the least hope of getting rid of us, they will refuse to give up this hope for either kind words or bread and butter.?

-Vladimir Jabotinsky, The Iron Wall, 1923

As you can see, the first is from the consummate spiritual Jew, the second from the consummate political Zionist. In other words, Heaven and Earth are speaking to us in tandem very plainly.

If you don?t happen to like either one or both of these men, just put your finger over the attributions. Then, without prejudice, simply contemplate the meaning of the words, alone and in combination. Judge their assertions for accuracy against actual events – events over the last two years and events over the last 100 years.

Now go a step further and consider the corollaries:

1) The Arabs? antipathy for the Jews is restive, instinctive and so will always shatter Jewish illusions about peace. Furthermore, Jewish self-preservation trumps Jewish denial in an era with a Jewish state and an IDF. (Of course, this was not the case for a few thousand years before 1948.)

2) When the Jews leave the Arabs with absolutely no hope of getting rid of us, their struggle to get rid of us will end ? but not before. Now you know why the once-fierce Apaches have not raided an American ?settlement? in a long, long time and the Seminoles have given up all claims to Orlando, even though these and other Indian nations have much stronger claims to North America than the Arabs? claims to any part of Israel.

I am sorry to make things appear so uncomplicated, but that is the whole dialectic in a nutshell. Condition 1 is driving the Jews to condition 2. Eventually, G-d willing in our lifetime, the Jews, out of sheer necessity and almost against our will, will have to make it clear and a fact that the entire country from the river to the sea is permanently, eternally Israel, the Jewish State. We can see the process clearly now that the IDF has (very reluctantly) ?re-occupied? the West Bank ? a state of affairs totally unthinkable only two years ago. Gaza, already a Hamas mini-state, will be next.

What then to do with the millions of recalcitrant Arabs that will fall into our laps? This is a phony question but it demands an answer so we can put it aside once and for all. Some Arabs, like the Native Americans, will resign themselves to living quietly in special circumstances under Jewish rule. But many others will simply be self-repelled from the country out of despair, a natural aversion to a Jewish milieu, a natural attraction to their own people, opportunities in more diverse societies, a sudden (miraculous!) lack of interest in Israel and/or a combination thereof. Involuntary physical expulsion of Israel?s Arab occupants will only be necessary when it is necessary. ?Transfer? is merely a red herring chased by the Right and used by the Left to make any other solution except a ?Palestinian? state appear impossible. Even if that were not the case, it?s an absurdity to argue about transfer before all The Land is permanently in Jewish hands.

This is the true ?peace process,? the magma below the surface we read about and see on TV. It certainly could take longer to completely unfold than I?d like, but it?s not (solely) a prophet?s distant dream anymore. It?s a palpable reality that?s already brightly in view on the horizon. Today, anyone with eyes can see it.


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