A Story To Tell Of Racialism

Yesterday I received a text message early in the afternoon from a man who wanted to buy my LG V20 Verizon cellphone.  At first he wanted to see pictures, so I sent him some pictures that I just took of the device.  Then he went on to ask as to why I was selling the phone and I told him that I didn’t need it anymore since I was pretty happy with my Note 5 phone and that I was waiting for the Note 8 to come out later this fall.  He then wanted to know more about why I preferred the Note 5 over the V20 and I quickly told him that either he wanted to buy the phone or not and he responded that he wanted the IMEI number so I quickly sent it to him.  After he verified it, he then told me that he had made a call to a Verizon representative who told him that he would have to get a new sim card because his current sim card would be incompatible.  He then said that he didn’t want to buy a new sim card because he only had a prepaid Verizon account.  At that moment I knew that he was running a game of lies because I have been with all 4 of the major cellphone providers in America and I have NEVER had to buy a new sim card simply to use a phone on their network.  And even then, if they wanted someone to pay for that, the cost wouldn’t be more than 20 dollars to even do so.  At that moment, I told him that I would pay for the sim card if he bought the phone and I reduced my initial price from 300 dollars to 200 dollars and he agreed to buy it and that we should meet at a local Verizon store near my apartment.

When I arrived the first question he asked me was what race was I; I responded that people would call me black but that I would consider myself an African from the Igbo tribe.  He responded that this was good and that he didn’t mean to sound racist but that he had problems with black people before and that it was a good thing that I was African.  I asked him why did he have such feelings and he said that it was because he kept getting ripped off on deals that he made on Craigslist with Black people.  I told him that I understood his feelings on that matter but that he shouldn’t let that dissuade him from meeting some good Black people and I also acknowledged that while the majority of Blacks are evil people, there are some good black people in this world that might allow for the entirety of the Black race to not be completely hated.  When we went inside the store to look over the item, I was a bit shocked at how paranoid this Latino guy (the buyer) was about the item.  He tested everything about the phone, from texting, calling, cameras, apps, storage, etc that we ended up spending a little over 30 minutes simply testing out the phone.  When he was doing testing out the phone, we went outside and we agreed to the transactions, I collected my money but I decided that we should try out the phone to make sure his current sim card worked.  Of course, it functioned without error and I told him that there was no big deal but he wanted to buy a new sim card so he went to talk to the retailer.  He asked the retailer if he would have to pay for a sim card and the retailer at Verizon told him that it depended on if his account said that he would get a new sim card and that the sim cards were given out when a new line or a new phone required activation.  The Latino buyer became belligerent and wanted to know why he would even have to pay for a sim card at all and I told him that a sim card is not a big deal when compared to a new phone or a new account and usually most stores simply give the customer a new sim card without making them pay for a new one.

I was a bit perplexed as to why he got an attitude over a sim card but then again considering the way he looked it didn’t surprise me.  He looked like a member of the Spic gang MS-13 with a red bandanna that he wore over his face when he was driving on his motorcycle and he had tattoos all over his face and arms, but still I didn’t judge him because I was there only to complete a business transaction.  We ended up leaving the store because he wanted to go to a different Verizon store and get the new sim card there.  He told me as we were leaving that it was a good thing I was African and not black and then he told me of how his cousin and he were screwed over on an item they wanted to buy and how they were ripped off by a black man.  I told him that I understood his hatred for the blacks due to the fact that that a lot of them “happen” to act like niggers and behave in a despicable manner but that he should just remember to separate his racialist feelings from business as it might be the difference between making some money or losing money to his competition.



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