Jews Trying to Copyright the Swastika

Some Jew is trying to copyright the Swastika. Honestly, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.


An unlikely activist is hatching a plan to deprive white supremacists of their beloved Nazi flags — thanks to a recent Supreme Court decision.

To be fair, though apparently Maynard is a Jewish name, I haven’t been able to 100% confirm that this guy is Jewish. But this is like the most Jewish thing of all time so he has to be. He has to be.

Steve Maynard, 50, says he doesn’t identify with any faith, and he marks “other” when asked his race on government documents. But he used to work for the USPTO. Now he’s on a mission — quite possibly quixotic — to thwart bigots by using that experience. He’s applied to trademark both the swastika and the word “nigga.”

Yeah, he’s Jewish.

The swastika, he said, “is a symbol that needs to be taken seriously, and not sold for $10 at a rally for everyone to have. They would have to buy them through us, and we would charge a high rate, and if they didn’t buy them through us, we would have the right to go in and confiscate merchandise and just frustrate their purpose,” he said.

Very Jewish.

“I’m unable to be a racist, so to speak, because I just see shades of color,” said Maynard, now an entrepreneur whose company is called “Snowflake Enterprises LLC,” in reference to the epithet used to mock liberals concerned about offensive speech. “I’m unable to judge people based on skin color. I have to get to know them first.”

We’re hitting levels of Jewry that shouldn’t even be possible.

This isn’t the first time the Swastika has had copyright issues, believe it or not.

In 1898 The National Biscuit Company (later shortened to Nabisco) had a copyright issue over their Marshmallow Dainties. Pacific Coast Biscuit company started selling Marshmallow Dainties in a similar packaging to Nabisco, right down to the ancient European symbol inspired logo (this time using the Swastika instead of the Cross of Lorraine) and were issued an injunction over copyright infringement. They carried on trading under the Swastika though, until Nabisco bought them out in the 30s, before the National Socialist German Workers’ Party gained international prominence.

Anyway, the other hook-nose copyright lawyers are divided on his chances of getting it done.

Paul Fucito, the press secretary for the USPTO, said he did not see anything in the Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure that addresses whether a swastika can be registered.

Some lawyers said the Supreme Court’s ruling might result in a surge of offensive trademark applications from racists who want to profit from other people’s distress and fear.

“I see it in the context of we’re seeing the return of the swastika,” said Alexandra Roberts, an associate professor at the University of New Hampshire School of Law. “There’s a viable market for some really offensive stuff. There are people in the country that are really eager to express their hatred for various groups, and that’s all you need for a viable business plan.”

Hatred isn’t necessarily a sound business, said Suzann Moskowitz, an intellectual property lawyer.

“They’re going to be so overt about their anti-Semitism; that’s a great thing,” Moskowitz said. “I can easily avoid that brand if they’re going to be so upfront. Market forces will react to things that are truly despicable.”

Yes, truly the existence of White People is truly truly despicable.

Maynard’s business plan is to open a culinary school with the profits he earns off the “nigga” T-shirts.

Such schools are too expensive for black students, so he wants to open one that would “give hope to kids that wouldn’t have a chance otherwise.”

I thought all Negroes already knew how to cook? All us Whites can make is boiled chicken with no flavor. It’s why we’re such lame cracka ass honkeys, after all.

I don’t know if this token will be enough to offset the outcry from countless gangsta rappers and BET merchandise which no doubt has the word “nigga” on it already.

Maynard said if people hear of his plan and call him anti-Semitic, they will have to wait and see if his plan will take off.

Why the fuck would anyone say that? This is literally the most Semitic thing of all time.

Maynard, however, remains hopeful:

“Prejudging anything is dangerous, just as prejudging someone based on their skin color is racist,” Maynard said. “Prejudging someone’s intention without seeing how things play out is equally bad, in my opinion, but people are entitled to their opinions.”

Okay, so I’m guessing maybe he still has some connections at the patent office or something. I don’t know. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. It sounds ridiculous to me. But then again, so does the fact that an ancient symbol of our people has been made verboten, due to the entirely historically unremarkable act of the guys who were using it trying to get rid of the Jews.

This really should prove to anyone who still has any doubts, that the Nazis really were the good guys in WW2. I doubt the Third Reich ever charged Coca-Cola to use their symbols when they were selling carbonated sugar water to the German public.

(via The Daily Stormer)


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  1. This ancient symbol is found in many cultures, most notably ancient India. It often signifies the sun. Bizarre that anyone would think they can copyright such a widely distributed symbol. A copyright might make sense when the swastika is inside of, or part of a larger company herald and the entire herald or trademark would be the subject. But, by itself that is hard to figure.

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