Justified War

I literally pulled out this song/poem out of my minds while I was driving home from a job interview.  It is all about the glory of nihilty, the glory to be had when this world is erased from time and erased from history.  The only war that I can ever justify or support is a war that cleansed all humans, animals, objects, creeds, beliefs, etc from existence and it is that war that my horsemen and those in my inner circle push and fight for!


Justified War

Satisfaction is the seed for faggots
Beginning of their evils with no end
There was no center or emptiness in between
Imperfection is always hiding in the midst

Living for a new killing, killing is a spark
There is no darkness or light
The empty state leading to an empty world
Hate is the order of this world

Harmony of the earth is always and never
No harmony of the earth, shall be forever and always
Everlasting peace is merely delusions and deceit

War is peace, fight is glorious
Humans were made to be burned
Words are nothing but emptiness
What are all of the Christian gods without the infinity of zero

Nihility was created to destroy
Nihility was made to be eternal
Nihility will fade but to return again
Nihility shall be nothing but change


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