Severed from Our Roots and Spiritually Enslaved


Once upon a time the White man was free. Then, slowly but surely, almost the entire race was enslaved. When it first happened, many people fought back against the conquerors, but after being defeated, they were either slaughtered or forced to submit. Some of those who survived brought more generations into the world, whilst many of the smartest and most beautiful were locked away in convents and monasteries, with their genetic legacy lost forever. The generations that followed were spiritually enslaved, with their souls held in bondage, so much so that their oppressors did not even need real chains; in fact, it works better if the chains are invisible. The hardest working slave is the one who actually believes himself to be free, serving his lord of his own accord.

The converted Christians were told that their heathen ancestors were burning in hell for not accepting Jesus Christ, even though the vast majority of them had never even heard of this circumcised savior. Everything that came before was considered dirty, devilish and worthy of scorn, with everyone now focusing on Yahweh and his chosen tribe of terrorists. Christians were severed from the roots of their ancient family tree, taken from the tales of Yggdrasil, and grafted onto the tree of an alien people.

While our sacred groves were chopped down, so was our hair. One of the first things conquerors will do is to cut the hair of the conquered. Genghis Khan did it to the Chinese, just as the Christians did it to the Europeans. It was no longer acceptable for men to have long hair, even though most of his ancestors had let their hair and beards grow. The priests, who have long worn dresses and raped young boys, told our ancestors that it was shameful for men to look like such heathens.

Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?” ~ Corinthians 11:14

Nature gave us hair. This clever mind control literally cult cut us off at our roots! This had previously been the haircut of slaves, but now everyone was to adopt this Christian custom, which also had its roots in Rome. I recently did a whole show on the importance of hair and why it was removed, so please have a listen for much more on this topic. There is a great power in our hair, as is evidenced by the Bible’s own tale of Samson, who lost all of his strength when Delilah lopped off his locks.

They need for us to willingly submit to their authority, whether it is church or state. This is why our sacred ceremonies, such as marriage, require the proper approval from god or government to be considered “valid”. In modern marriage we are not even “tying the knot” between a man and a woman directly, but rather through the intermediate party, making a marriage more of a contract than a beautiful bond. Instead of being connected to each other, the man and woman are chained to the third entity, the baphomet-like devil of the Tarot cards, enslaved to this Semitic system.

Just remember that although we are told that our gods are “Satanic”, we did not even know of Yahweh’s counterpart (or other face) until Christianity invaded our lands.

Yahweh is a jealous god (which shows that he knows he is not the only god), so he forbade the worship of any other deities besides himself (which somehow includes his son and holy ghost). The gods of our ancestors were gradually removed from our memories, and all that remained were their names and a few tales. These deities had meant so much to our people that they even named the days of the week after the most important of the pantheon. Showing how much of a threat this small remnant of our culture was to the powers that be, Wodenstag (Woden’s Day, which is Wednesday) was removed all together and replaced with Mittwoch (mid-week).

The conquerors also forbade the use of our runes upon penalty of death. The runes, which had been gained through the sacrifice of Wotan and gifted to the folk, had played a very important role in the lives of our ancestors, though we are left to guess just exactly how they were used – beyond divination, naming objects, and general communication – since so much of our people’s past has either been destroyed or been carried off, concealed, and quarantined. It took vigorous study, as well as transcendental experience from visionaries such as Guido Von List, in order for the Germans to really start reviving what had once been lost.

There was a brief time when the European spirit rose up, threw off the chains that bind, revived the runes, hoisted the sacred swastika, and showed the rest of us what we could achieve when free from Semitic submission. However, it was not to last long, and now these heroes have been considered the greatest villains of all time for daring to go against the jewish enslavement of the world. As punishment, the Hebrew masters are intent on bringing down all of our people, so we might never rise again. If they have their way, we will not only be kneeling in submission before their god and government, we will be down on all fours in complete surrender. In fact, it has already happened, with White school children being forced to pray to Allah in order to “enrich” them and better enhance their “cultural understanding”.

We have been conquered, but our people need to realize that this is not something that just happened recently. They first had to spiritually enslave us, to cuck us with Christianity, in order for us not to fight back and make these Talmudic trolls sorry for ever even stepping foot in our homelands.

We must learn from our past, revitalize our real traditional culture, reject the toxic alien influences, and fight off the invasive influences deliberately destroying our once-proud people.


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