John McCain Cancer Just Took Horrible Turn… Doctor Drops Bombshell

The shocking news about Senator John McCain’s health has just gotten worse.

Late yesterday evening, 80-year-old McCain announced that he was struggling with brain cancer. 

Now, a doctor has dropped a bombshell about just how serious that health issue is for the long-serving Republican senator.

“Glioblastoma is a brain tumor that’s a particularly aggressive type,” Dr. James Pinckney explained to Trending Today USA.

“It grows from support tissue in the brain called astrocytes … and unfortunately, it has a pretty poor prognosis,” the board certified family physician and MD revealed.

According to Dr. Pinckney, the simple fact is that McCain’s survival odds are not good.

“Most people with glioblastoma typically have a survival rate of around ten percent,” the physician continued.

“And most people… unfortunately, this is so aggressive, live anywhere from 14 months to 3 years after the initial diagnosis,” explained the doctor. “So, our thoughts and prayers go out to Senator McCain and his family.”

While the reality is that John McCain is facing a very difficult uphill battle, there are still treatment options available.

“He’s going to undergo chemo and radiation, I heard that the surgery was successful, that they removed the vast majority of the glioblastoma,” relayed Dr. Pinckney.

“However, this is a very aggressive tumor and it most likely will return,” he stated. “And that’s why he needs the radiation and chemotherapy.”

Conservatives have certainly had their issues with Senator McCain over the years, but there comes a point when politics are pushed aside.

For all of his faults, John McCain is an American hero who faced hardships during the Vietnam war that most people cannot imagine. He then rose above his living nightmare as a prisoner of war to enter a public service career that has made him respected by people of all political parties.

McCain is a fighter, and although the odds are stacked against him, we genuinely wish him and his family strength during this difficult time.



  1. McCain deserves a slow painfull death considering the MILLIONS of DEAD and SUFFERING he is CO RESPONSIBLE FOR ….

    Besides of this .. TO the EDITOR of NEWS for the BLIND …Thank You ..once again for all Your efforts ..collecting newsworthy Information from the ” Net “

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