Justified Violence

For the past month, I have been getting harassed on Instagram by feminists due to a great meme I shared depicting how a feminist does nothing when they get triggered.  Of course I have resorted to blocking them at first before I tried to engage them in a nihilistic conversation.  Now I have grown tired of the constant harassment and have written this song and poem urging my horsemen to take their weapons and incite incite violence towards all women thanks to the evils that they are doing onto me.  It shall be a great bloodbath to behold!


Justified Violence

Dying on this crumbling planet
Lives are coming loose at the edge of sanity
Are they dying? Are we dying?
Will they die? Can they die?
Or is their lives a mere dream?

The dead bodies are increasing everyday
It won’t happen here we shall say
Will the bombs come to our doorsteps?
Will the killing moment finally arrive?
Or is this life merely a dream?

They are not good enough
They are not brave enough
The justified violence is in my nature
To become the image or the maker

For mankind to finally be something great
A predetermined fate must not be condemned
For humans are books with no endings
Human lives are stories filled with actors
They claim to be awake but are not in control
Yet they claim to have dreams!

How can we break the mold?
To set in motion the new killing machine
And to forget what we thought we knew
The evolution is long overdue
Fight the feminists!!!!
Rip off their heads!!!!
Kill them all!!!

We must travel back to take what is ours
All we need is a gathering of the storms, to pray for their deaths
To wash their sins away
So let’s get them off their tracks, to kill them as far as the eye can see
All roads to nihility come from the same directions
Follw your hate, let it be your heart
As they continue to talk in their sleep
And continue to sleep their lives away
I dream of places where they shall die
Now we must step from the shadows and into the light of hate!


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