The Sham “Return Of The Christ” – Part I



We shall now give a description of the various acts of the Great Play. We are not absolutely sure of the sequence in which all parts of the program will be performed; neither do we claim to be exhaustive in our description. However, our statement will be more than sufficient to enable you to immediately recognize The Play when it starts.

Well then:

Some day in the near future, in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening, people will be listening to their favorite radio programs (g: we can substitute TV and the internet), be they sermon, other speeches, plays or concerts (g: we can substitute reality TV shows and Facebook).

At one of the high points of the broadcasts, when attention is supposed to be the greatest, the sound will suddenly fade away — become inaudible — and all listeners will hear a voice, a beautiful, deep, loving voice, announcing that there has been no interference at the broadcasting station, that the broadcast will resume very soon, but that this is only a short interruption for a communication which is addressed to all in the name of God, and intended for all. It will be stated that the Great Day of the Lord has come, the Day of the Return of Christ, and that all people are invited to prepare themselves for that day and for that hour.

This radio incident will take place at the same moment as regards all broadcasting stations then in operation.

The incident will last only a few minutes; and, in fact, the ordinary program will resume the next moment. Neither the preaching minister, the playing orchestra, nor the staff of the broadcasting station will know at the time what happened; for actually there will not be the least interference!

Then, a little later, in all directions, people will be on the telephone, asking what was the matter and protesting in all keys! For, here or there, in many a living-room, someone will have had a fainting from fright. “Does anyone have the right to give a person such a fright?”, they will demand; and: ‘What sect or church is responsible for such a thing?’ ‘You’ll certainly hear further from us!’, etc.

And, before the personnel of the broadcasting station has recovered from their perplexity, telegrams will flow in from all parts of the world, saying that though it all happened seemingly without interference at the station, yet there really was an interference of the same nature and with the same message for all.

You can imagine how the daily papers will look the next day! They will have descriptions of the incident, reactions of various persons; their terror and surprise, medical protests, and altogether the expression of complete perplexity.

All the world will be a-stir, through all social strata, in all circles of people, those of the Left and those of the Right; and government and radio authorities will take measures for the instituting of thorough investigations. In various quarters, lectures will be given seeking to determine what could possible be behind these happenings. In brief, a keen, general interest will have been aroused.

A few days later, the phenomenon will be repeated, with a similar message, and this time with much more success; for you can imagine that everyone is now glued to the radio! Communications from all parts of the world will confirm the fact that the same thing has occurred again and that the same message came through.

Can you see how the execution of this one phase of the program will have already shaken the whole mass of humanity, and how, as a consequence, the export of light-power to the reflection-sphere will have increased many times in all countries? Yet this one phase of the program is only a very slight introduction!

End Part I

Excerpted from Chapter VI – “The Shadow Of The Coming Events” – Unmasking by Jan van Rijckenborgh (1956)



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