Italian Police Raid Fascist Beach Club near Venice

The Italian government has ordered the removal of pro-fascist posters at a beach near Venice.

The order was issued today by the prefect based in Venice after photos of Benito Mussolini were seen displayed at the Punta Canna resort in Chioggia.

According to Ansa, the Italian news agency, there was concern that public order could be disturbed by the signs and photos.

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One of the signs said the area was in an ‘anti-democratic’ zone while photos of former duce Mussloini were also on display.

While Rome daily La Repubblica said that pro-Mussolini speeches were blasted over the beach’s loudspeaker by a private fascist beach club. to The Telegraph, officers from Italy’s anti-terrorist unit raided the beach club on Sunday.

The owner of the club, Gianni Scarpa, may be prosecuted for ‘apologia of fascism’. Italian law forbids the glorification of fascism.

He was quoted as saying: ‘Here, my rules count.’

Every 30 minutes the beach club broadcasts anti-democracy messages. While one cabin door had a sign reading: ‘Gas chamber. Entry forbidden.’

Police have now launched an enquiry into the posters and broadcasts.

Mussolini is still celebrated by patriotic political parties in Italy.


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