The Killing Power

My Facebook ban will be over in about 12 hours and I will simply make different profiles with the goal of inflicting as much damage, hate, and destruction to all of the subhumans who run the Facebook reporting team.  They have been targeting me for the past 14 months and I now intend to do the same to them, but instead they shall pay with their lives for how many times and how long they continue to censor me.  I will make a secretive second account to use to hack the accounts of the Facebook security team so that I can find where they live and send people to kill them, thus forcing them to either abandon their relentless and unneeded censorship of me and my ideas or they can simply disappear from the world as I see fit.  Let this song serve as a way to spread my message to kill all Facebook security/reporting team until they stop targeting me and my ideas on social media.


The Killing Power

I have killing from the ground up
To the highest skies
I have been stabbing off a quick storm
So I will feel alright

Got my hate in the skies
And my legs off the ground
I feel like the hate is calming me down
But today, I have gained a killing power, a killing power
But today, I have gained a killing power
It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, Hen-Dawg, Hen-Ro
I got that, I got that, I got that killing powers

I have been killing all the short ones
Going from worst to first
To came out dressed in blood


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