An America First Syria Policy


Remember when Trump said no more ‘regime change’ abroad but pledged America First instead?

In case you forgot.

[Clip: “You talked a lot about Syria and you talked a lot about your opposition to the war in Iraq in the beginning and your concerns about the United States jumping in. A lot of these interventions have been motivated by the desire to spread democracy, to promote human rights. Is that an appropriate objective of foreign policy?”
“We’re nation building, we can’t do it, we have to build our own nation. We’re nation building. We’re trying to tell people that have had dictators and worse for centuries how to run their countries. We have to build our own country. We have to rebuild the United States. And look, look what’s happened in Iraq. We got rid of Sadaam Hussein and I don’t think that was a very helpful thing. Iraq is a disaster right now.”]

But now Trump’s Generals, I mean war criminals Mattis and McMaster, want to lead us into another disaster, this time in Syria.

[Clip: “From Mar-a-lago, President Trump’s National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster, General, welcome to “Fox News Sunday.”
“Thank you, Chris. It’s a pleasure to be with you.”
“The Trump administration seems to be sending mixed signals this weekend. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley says that getting rid of Assad is a priority On the other hand, Secretary of State Tillerson says that first, we have to get rid of ISIS, destroy ISIS, Assad can wait. So, which is it? How does the president see this playing out in Syria?”
“Well, both Secretary Tillerson and Ambassador Haley are right about this. What we really need to do, and what everyone who’s involved in this conflict needs to do is to do everything they can to resolve this civil war, to halt this humanitarian catastrophe, this political catastrophe, not only in Syria, but the catastrophe is affecting the greater Middle East, it’s affecting Europe and it’s a threat to the American people as well.
And so, to do that, what’s required is some kind of a political solution to that very complex problem. And what Ambassador Haley pointed out is it’s very difficult to understand how a political solution could result from the continuation of the Assad regime.”]

That’s regime change, exactly what Trump once said the military must stop doing.

[Clip: “Our military is so depleted from mismanagement and misuse, and going all over not knowing what to do, and by listening to guys like Lindsey Graham: ‘Drop bombs here, drop bombs on Assad, drop bombs on ISIS.’ Oh, but they’re fighting each other so maybe we shouldn’t do that.”]

Then why are we NOW attacking Assad who’s fighting ISIS, huh Mr Trump?

In case YOU forgot.

[Clip: “Why are we knocking ISIS and yet at the same time we’re against Assad?”]

But you’re about to embroil America in yet another endless war if you let Generals run foreign policy.

Mattis and McMaster thrive on war.

Unless they create misery in faraway places life is not worth living for them. Their egos are wrapped around death-making hell.

One look at them tells a tale of sorrow and woe.

And it’ll be hell to pay if we don’t get out of Syria.

We’re only there to serve Israel’s interests anyways.

You see, Israel wants a splintered Syria to break up the ‘Axis of Resistance’—Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran—that’s resisting Tel Aviv’s quest for a Greater Israel.

And it wants us to do it.

But that could lead to a head on collision with Russia whose forces are fighting ISIS and supporting Assad…AND preventing that ‘Greater Israel’ from expanding.

That’s why America demonizes Putin.

He’s changing the equation in the region and the Jews don’t like it.

Israel declared independence in 1948. Isn’t it about time it became independent?

It’s time for a divorce. It’s time WE declared independence from Israel.

That’s the ONLY way we’ll ever have an America First foreign policy.


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