Why Are We Here?



It’s one of those big questions the religions of the world (including “Science”) attempt to answer. The curious mind wants to know what purpose, if any, one has in life.

In the Abrahamic worldview, you are here by the grace of ‘God’ and your purpose as a person is to submit to the will of this ‘God’. If you are a useful instrument in carrying out his plan, then you will be rewarded in the afterlife with heavenly bliss, but if you are a disobedient dog, you will be punished forever and ever in hell. Essentially the religious fanatics purport that the purpose of this plane of existence is to prove yourself worthy in the eyes of the Lord.

It could be argued that jews are more focused on material gain and use “religious” texts like the Talmud as a justification for their enslavement of humanity, and they are not really worried about divine retribution, which could be true. While their pushing of transhumanism could indicate that they are seeking to escape the wrath of a vengeful deity in the afterlife, it could also be because they do not believe in any kind of immortality of the soul and are simply seeking to experience as much hedonistic pleasure as possible, even if it is to be achieved via bionic sex organs. This is the end result of the YOLO (You Only Live Once) mindset. It is essentially nihilism.

Nihilism: a viewpoint that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded and that existence is senseless and useless. (or) a doctrine or belief that conditions in the social organization are so bad as to make destruction desirable for its own sake independent of any constructive program or possibility.” – Merriam-Webster

In my opinion the current conception of “Science” tends to border on nihilism. Although underlying principles, formulas, and architecture are apparent, mainstream science seems to favor the view that humans are a rather insignificant occurrence, which accidentally evolved on this “pale blue dot” in a vast void of nothingness. We are all just advanced biological machines, but we are out of control, multiplying like a cancer and destroying the planet. This makes our destruction not only “desirable” but also necessary in their eyes.

While it does appear that humanity is a bit cancerous at the moment, is this because of our genetic programming or possibly because of the religious and social programming? Although our genetics have certainly degraded some over the years, I tend to put most of the blame on “nurture” rather than nature. I put “nurture” in quotation marks because I do not mean caring for the growth and development of something, but rather the more scientific definition:

the sum of the environmental factors influencing the behavior and traits expressed by an organism.” Merriam-Webster

Our genetic lines have actually been rather successful. We are here because our ancestors struggled against the wilderness, battled foreign and domestic enemies, and managed to have children who survived to do the same. There were no weak links who dropped the ball, else we would not be here today. So is the meaning of life to just have babies and continue the flow of our blood through time? Yes, I would say that is part of it, but not all of it. There must be something more.

What kind of world are we to leave our descendants? This is a very important question. More specifically, are we going to breed more slaves for ZOG or are we going to raise generations who will be free from the jewish tyranny that would exploit them at every turn? Who is going to liberate our lines? Are we going to leave it up to our children to take care of business, passing the buck down the line, or are we going to say, the buck stops here. Enough is enough! This can only be done by people who take an active part in our world, not by those who sit around waiting for salvation from a higher power.

The gods help those who help themselves!

Why are you here? I ask this now in a literal sense. Why are you here reading this article right now, when there are so many other things that are offered up for your “entertainment”? Are you here to be a passive observer in the unfolding of history or are you going to be a critical component in changing this world for the better?

We have been born into an incredible moment in time. We stand on the precipice. There is a potential for all human life to be turned into robotic slaves (yes, I know most already are, but I mean even more so, and perhaps irretrievably so) or even to go extinct entirely, taking most of the natural world with us, or we can fight for a future where we can be happy, healthy, and free. This would actually not be that hard to achieve when we take back the levers of power. Once we shut down our enemy’s sick system of mind control, free ourselves of their financial enslavement, and start leading by example, most our symptoms will start to naturally resolve and the body of the people will be able to function properly.

We don’t have much time left to make this happen, but what else are you here to do? Did you forget your sacred mission while struggling to make it in the rat race or while enjoying all of the many distractions? Do you think you will just be left alone if you keep your head down? Are you really here to cheer from the stands or just sit on the sidelines?

Some of us are here for a purpose. We are the White blood cells who have come to rid the invaders.

While religious retardation makes it very hard for the masses to find a reason for existence, I find that the answer is really rather simple. Here it is:

We are here to protect and uplift our people.

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