The Damnation Of Confederate Memory


The new crusade in America is the damnation of national memory, and the elimination of significant blocks of American history from the public sphere.

Everyone was reconciled to the chronicling of the Civil War and the Reunion—including its memorials and symbols—but now Confederate flags, monuments, and name-places, have become the new heresy.

The recent removals of the Confederate flag in South Carolina and the monument of Robert E Lee in Louisiana are just the beginning of our national disintegration.

Behind it all are two powerful Jewish organizations, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League (the ADL.)

The SPLC amassed a huge hit list of 1500 Confederate Memorabilia that they’re just itching to take down.

Memorials on private property aren’t safe either.

And while the ADL calls Confederate displays ’symbols of slavery,’ their real scheme is to erase the Jews’ historical predominance in world and domestic slave trade.

The evidence is damning.

In America alone, Jews, in both the South and North, were very active in the “negro” slave trade.

Jews such as Mordechai Cohen, Eliezer Marks, Isaiah Moses, the Levy clan of Mississippi, along with David Franks and Benjamin Levy—who as “Merchants Of Philadelphia”—petitioned to halt a pending duty levied on the heads of their imported slaves.

Yet with all of Jewry’s attempts to erase their participation in the slave trade,

not a peep out of them to take down the statue of Judah Benjamin, the Jewish Secretary of State of the Confederacy.

Their line on Benjamin is he wasn’t a ‘contemptible white slave owner.’

Rather, in a rags-to-riches story, his 213 slaves on his sugar cane plantation, was simply a “clever investment.”

The more things change the more Jews protect their own.

And, as Rahm Emanuel said, never let a crisis go to waste.

That’s exactly what the SPLC and the ADL did with Dylann Roof who killed 9 people at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, and it set the whole thing off.

You see, they took a really sick white kid on drugs, scraped up a photo of him holding a semi-automatic and Confederate flag, and turned him into a ‘white supremacist.’

The Jews finally got the ammunition to launch their war on Confederate memory, and to further push “White guilt” on the majority of Americans.

Politically correct politicians, and the Jew-owned main stream media, jumped right in.

“Take down the symbol of hatred,” screeched the New York Times.

“It’s the American Swastika!” shrieked another headline.

And one of the first out of the gate to launch the assault after the shooting was Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen.

His demand?

That the name of legendary cavalryman, Nathan Bedford Forrest, be removed from Forrest Park in Memphis and his bust gone from the capital.

Will he have the park renamed Cohen Park? That’s where we headed with all of this.

And Jewry’s shill, Nikki Haley, quickly signed into law the removal of the Confederate battle flag from the State Capitol grounds.

Look. The confederate flag is not a symbol of hatred, it’s an object of hatred.

The flag doesn’t belong to Dylann Roof, nor to the Jews to dispose of as they wish.

Rather, it was a ‘military’ flag used in battlefields to distinguish the Southern Greys from the Union Blues, just like the uniforms.

It belongs to all Americans in general, and the Southerners in particular, which includes the whites, the blacks, and the Cherokee Indians, who fought in the Confederate army.

But, the Jews decide what Americans can have and what they should be denied.

What’s next?

Smash Mount Rushmore?…since Washington and Jefferson were ’slave holders,’ which was an accepted, lawful institution at that time.

They’re prosecuting stones and fabrics of the past with the ‘politically correct’ BS of today.

Politically-correctness is one thing.

But when it’s weaponized, only Jewish culture survives.


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