Truth Doesn’t Even Matter to Him Anymore



Two days ago I stumbled into a guy that I had known for many years – we weren’t really ever close to tell you the truth – but we somewhat respected each other’s boundaries. About two years ago we had a good conversation on everything that is going on in Europe and the White Western world; about the planned genocide of our entire Race, of all the propaganda and advertisements which our people are being bombarded with, about the poisoned food, air, vaccinations – everything. He gets it all pretty much, but there is one crucial point which he never was able to, and judging by our last conversation two days ago, will never be able to get rid off. I’m talking of course about the first Jewish mind poison called the Bible and Christianity. I tried as much as I could to transform the mind of this individual because he was recognized as a leader of a group of people – largely weak-minded lemmings – who kept on repeating his viewpoints. Perhaps it is this small boost of ego which is preventing him from following the entire truth – perhaps he thinks of himself, in his own small world – as some kind of a celebrity who has to keep his image “clean” in order for his “fans” to keep on following him?

Perhaps some people are not capable of taking up the burden of responsibility which comes from knowledge – knowledge, of course, being part of the path of Truth. One wouldn’t really mind their position too much, were they not responsible for all those other people who are following them. Many characters of this movement fall into such a pit of the abyss – their image is worth to them more than the actual Truth. It goes to the point where their image has to be “different” from others, they have to be so “unique” in the way they are telling the Truth that they find pieces and bits here and there which they twist and change in order to somehow present themselves as more “fashionable” messengers of this Truth, which of course isn’t pure anymore, for those pieces and bits have degenerated it – what they ignore and label as “harmless” little changes, ends up being the total destruction of the Truth.

You wouldn’t swim in a pool which pieces of shit floating around at several points of it – now would you? By that very same logic, you should not allow yourself to twist the Truth just and only to sell your “pool”. You are not selling the pool – you are giving our people the water of Truth which they are needing more than ever before in the history of not only our own Race, but the history of this entire Planet. Lying, just and only to get more “lemmings” to follow you, is not going to create a strong and firm foundation against our enemies, for they will be able to break the weak-willed people. They will crush them with words, they will turn them against you by the mere act of pointing out that you deliberately lied, or even talked unnecessary stuff in order to gain their trust for the time being. Alas, imagine sitting at a round table with the brightest minds of our movement. A discussion pops up on how to use the lemmings, the left-wing imbeciles, the communist-deluded marxist degenerates – after a while the group might even agree to simply use them as “cannon fodder”. The statement would find its basic value in the simple truth that Jews and their allies are using them as cannon fodder against us anyways already – some may finally realize the Truth, others can only be controlled by us, rather than by the Jews themselves.

Such decisions, discussions and debates will have to be led one day. We cannot entirely save each and every one of our people. That is a sad Truth which we have to be aware of. What we can do is offer to those hearts and minds, who are not anymore truly capable of realizing everything without becoming broken shells and bodies, a guiding hand and path of light that they can trust in and look up to. We’ll have to be strong for both them and our own selves.

Let us however return to the conversation with the Christian Nationalist. To some of you this will be a boring short story, for you can probably already imagine how it will look/sound like. I wondered myself : “Is there some kind of document which all of them read and learn by heart when discussing their Jewish religion?” Alas, all the addicted people, no matter what kind of addiction we are talking about, will usually have the same replies, comments and answers. Hell, they will even have the same emotional reactions and physical behavior of anxiety, stress and anger. A probably important point is that I initiated the conversation with him – I came to him – hoping that I could bring some light into his dark perception.

“I know you always hated me for trying to tell you the full Truth, but an Aryan should not allow himself to live in a Lie…”

“Hate is a strong word; I didn’t really hate you – I read what you wrote; I listened to what you said; I simply don’t have to agree with you.”

“You don’t have to agree with “me”; I am not talking like your Jew Jesus in the Bible. I only wish that you understand what you are reading and hearing because only then will you allow yourself to actually comprehend what the message really means. I was worried, you see, when I talked few years back with your guys – how they told me that they can’t really be against Jews and Judaism since they are Christians; how they can’t be against Christianity since they need Christ. These people are a problem in this movement, don’t you see that? And you are their supposed leader – why would you allow such a thing, knowing all that you do, about the Jews?”

“Those are simply fools, they were joking and didn’t mean it that way”.

“Joking? You had to step in and end our debate to calm things down!”

“It… it doesn’t matter. Do you really think that the average Joe who lives in a remote area and is against immigration, but is also a Christian, is our enemy?”

“Yes. Because any Priest can come to him with a Bible, read a few key verses and turn him into a pro-immigration retarded universalist. Have you finally read the Bible yourself? Have you read the Old Testament as I asked you to two years ago?”

“No… I haven’t and I don’t need to.”

“So, what happens when I tell you that there is neither Jew nor Greek that all are one in Christ? What will you do with that statement of the religion you supposedly follow by word?”

“I don’t care about that.”

“Then you aren’t a Christian my friend. Your entire “faith” is based upon the words of that Jewish book, its Jewish characters and key Jewish people. If you do not follow the words of Jesus or any other god-sent related prophet : Then you aren’t a Christian.”

“Look… I don’t have to know the whole Truth… I really don’t even know anymore what true is… I have my beliefs which I can’t let go and that’s it…”

“Are those beliefs your own, or are they from the Bible? What would happen if a Bishop or even Archbishop came to you and told you that you’d end up in Hell if you were not to follow the words of the Bible? Obviously when I tell you that you don’t give a damn – but what if a “representative” of your “religion” were to do such a thing?”

“Look… we gain nothing by fighting Christianity.”

“We gain our spirit, soul and freedom by destroying it. We avenge all the millions of Europeans who died fighting against this plague that destroyed us 2000 years ago and is still, to this very day, destroying us. Look at your own Pope and all the shit he is doing!”

“I don’t like that Pope either.”

“Oh really? And why don’t you go and kick his ass then? Or am I, a non-Christian, a heretic, supposed to do that? Why don’t you challenge his power then? And how can you, a Christian, be against the highest of God’s supposed representatives on Earth? Are you against “God’s Will”, since you believe that the Pope is appointed by God himself? Tell me – which fucking Pope do you actually like? Tell me of one good Pope that you know of in the history of this fucking Jewish institution – and why is it that not all of them are Good?”


“Lost for words are we?”

“So what is your solution, that we all return to Paganism? (while smirking at the Pagan symbols which I wear)”

“It is a start for the likes of you. It is based upon blood, soil, ancestry – Christianity has none of it. Even worse : You become part of “Abraham’s seed” – who the hell wants to be part of team Jew?”

“I have seen many degenerate Pagans who are quite the opposite of what you represent. Where is your book, where are your standards? You have no institution, you have nothing.”

“Your fellow Christians destroyed all of it. Not only did they burn books, libraries and entire cities – but also the culture, heritage and very people of Europe. How dare you talk such nonsense. How dare you, praising your Jewish religion and Jewish book as something superior to our own people and all the magnificence they represented before we were cursed by this Jewish filth. Who was it that fought the Jews directly back in the old days?”


“Romans, Greeks, Egyptians – all of them part of the White Aryan family – all of them Pagan. What did your Christian buddies do? They went to “rescue” Jerusalem because it is the “holy land” of the Jewish book. My holy land is where my people live. Not some fucking Jews.”

“Who defended us against the Muslim invasion?”

“Europeans did. Christians were busy killing non-Christian Europeans and didn’t give a damn about the Muslims breaking into our homelands. Just as it is happening today. The only way for a Christian today to defend Europe and remain Christian is to be like you – a Christian who has never ever read the fucking Bible, knows absolutely nothing about it and who pretends to love and live for Jesus, the Jew.”

“If your precious Paganism was so strong, why did it fall to Christianity?”

“Read history – all the great Roman and Greek people laughed at Christianity. Perhaps that was our only mistake – to think that it was harmless; an ideology of fools, imbeciles and idiots. We underestimated it. Just as we underestimated feminism, bolshevism, communism, and all the other Jewish -ism’s. They should have all been stopped the moment they were starting to arise. We should have never allowed ourselves to get to this point. And it always is the same : The Jews recruit the most degenerate imbeciles and turn our own people against us. They create the imbeciles as well in the first place – slowly, but surely – they lower the Aryan aspects of our people and shape the mixed multitude into their liking.”


“With all that you know about the Jews – how can you cling to a book, to a religion, to a set of laws which come from them?”

“I don’t care that it came from them…”

“Then you don’t really understand what it means to be Aryan. Then you don’t really have any self-respect or discipline. How can you not care? Would you drink water given to you by them? Wouldn’t you assume it to be poisoned? Why do you think that the very religion they gave you wasn’t poison?”


“What about all your holidays? You do know that all of them are Pagan, don’t you? There isn’t any Christmas, Easter, or anything similar in the New Testament, let alone the entire Jewish religion. They detest all of it – they didn’t even celebrate birthdays for crying out loud – they never wrote down when which Jew was born.”

“That doesn’t matter…”

“You know of Coudenhove-Kalergi, don’t you? You should because I mentioned him hundreds of times. You know that that mixed-raced Masonic, Philo-semitic lunatic created the European Union and was financed by Jews in the process. The bastard even married three Jewish women in his life – God knows how many of them he spawned with them upon this planet. He himself told us in his book that the “diversity of people” will be destroyed by enforced multi-culturalism and race-mixing. And what are the Jews promoting? That “diversity and multi-culturalism” are our strength! Can’t you see the same pattern here with Christianity? Our people will be destroyed by it, but at the very same time, the Jews came to us and presented it to us as our only salvation – even worse as our strength! If you had read the Bible, you would know what it says in Corinthians and you’d realized how pathetic your life-view is because of it.”

(I didn’t recall the entire thing during the conversation, but for the reader I’ll provide it here : 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 : But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”)

“Look… I told you already – there are things that I cannot go against… if they are not entirely true, then I will have to learn with it…”

“Let me give you another fact – the Jewish Rabbi Mendelsohn said that their own “religion”, that is to say Judaism, is not a religion, but a Law which they have turned into a religion. Do you get that? It is a Law. A Law. A constitution. And you believe in it. You live by it. Their Messiah basically represents their Law becoming Global, Universal and the One and only “Truth”. If you understand that your “Christianity” came from Judaism and that Judaism is simply a Law – how can you go on pretending that you have a religion? Other Jews tell us that Judaism is Communism, Marxism, Zionism – that Masonry is based upon it – at what point do you finally allow yourself to accept the Truth?”

“I… I have to go back now… I know what I know… you know what you know… we’ll leave it at that.”

“I cannot be “converted” by them anymore. You and the likes of you however can. All they need is a moment of weakness and they’ll turn you into a servant again. That is what you are afraid of – that your “belief” will finally consume you. For the time being we aren’t enemies, you still somewhat understand what is going on, but one day – you will have to face the Truth – and I am afraid that you won’t be able to accept it. That is why Christianity is dangerous. You do not have knowledge. You have only a belief.”

Our ways finally parted. Looking back at it, it would have been good to have a fully-labelled Bible at hand – you know one where you already have pointed out all the most ridiculous and stupid shit that exists within it. One can’t know all of it in the heat of such conversations. Well, it kind of is annoying that people like us have to know their Bible while they can go on pretending to be “righteous” without having opened the fucking thing. The guy is also a Trinitarian lunatic – it would have been nice to “remind” him of 1 Peter 4:11 : Whoever speaks, is to do so as one who is speaking the utterances of God; whoever serves is to do so as one who is serving by the strength which God supplies; so that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belongs the glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.

Christians. What have we allowed to grow among us?

When it comes to the “good” Pope thing – there are probably two names worth mentioning – Pius IX and Paul IV. Pius forced Jews into ghettos and forcibly baptized Jewish children, whereas Paul forced Jews to sell their property and ordered them to wear yellow hats. They were only allowed to sell secondhand clothes. This, of course, means nothing as they did more than enough shit to the Europeans as well – selling all your property is simply a commandment from Christianity anyways. The Jews of course didn’t like that; it backfired on them at certain times throughout history – it still allowed them however to walk among us, convert and pretend to be like us. Why didn’t all Jews simply convert to Christianity? To enforce a strong racial bondage, but also to have the excuse of persecution. After all, it served them well every single time – especially nowadays, hasn’t it? At the end of the day it is completely irrelevant what certain Popes or Christian people did in case of the Jews – Christianity itself – destroyed Europe and has never ever allowed it to repair itself and build up a strong defense against Semitism. While certain Popes and Christians enjoyed a “good life” which the superstition of the Jew book provided for them – the Jews used the opportunity to infect, infest and dig deeper into the roots of our own people.

They didn’t do the real dirty work. The Christians did it for them. The Jews didn’t have the manpower to directly destroy and kill all of our Pagan libraries, sages, philosophers, scientists, women, men, children, cities, culture, heritage, etc. – they needed good goyim for that. Everything that is a commandment for them in the Talmud – the Christians have done for them against the Europeans. Idolatry is not allowed. Reading the Bible is not allowed. Usury was only allowed for Jews. Little by little, all the Talmudic and Old Testament laws and ideologies were implemented by Christians into the European continent. They created an environment in which the Jews could breathe – it wasn’t perfect to begin with – but it was only the beginning of a thousand year conquest. Where the Church didn’t succeed – Masonry was implemented. It wasn’t difficult for Jews to win people over into Masonry – the true European didn’t find anything satisfying in Christianity – it was a stranger to him – little did he know that he would end up in yet another Jewish operated institution. It is funny though, how all of these various Jewish ideologies preach “universalism”, yet the term Jew survives in each and every instance. One may not even begin to think that Jews are the same – they must ever remain something different that may not be transmuted.

There is one Papal bull worth mentioning here that is going around : Hebraeorum gens (The Jewish Race) 1569, of Saint Pius V : “The Jewish people fell from the heights because of their faithlessness and condemned their Redeemer to a shameful death. Their godlessness has assumed such forms that, for the salvation of our own people, it becomes necessary to prevent their disease. Besides usury, through which Jews everywhere have sucked dry the property of impoverished Christians, they are accomplices of thieves and robbers; and the most damaging aspect of the matter is that they allure the unsuspecting through magical incantations, superstition, and witchcraft to the Synagogue of Satan and boast of being able to predict the future. We have carefully investigated how this revolting sect abuses the name of Christ and how harmful they are to those whose life is threatened by their deceit. On account of these and other serious matters, and because of the gravity of their crimes which increase day to day more and more, We order that, within 90 days, all Jews in our entire earthly realm of justice — in all towns, districts, and places — must depart these regions.”

Does one need to be a Christian to recognize what the Jews do to a Nation they are allowed into? Do you need to be a Christian to witness all the degeneracy, chaos, death and destruction that is going on in all European nations? Did this Pope understand that he is supposed to love his Enemies? Did he understand that he is not to Resist Evil? Why does he worry about the property of impoverished Christians when Jesus told him to sell all of his possessions? Why is he against Usury – God allowed it in the Old Testament to be applied by Jews to non-Jews. Another Pope predicted that the world would end in 600 AD – what was he then?

Is the Pope Christian? Did Pius V understand that he is supposed to enjoy suffering which was caused by the Jews because it would be the source of his strength in Christ?

The Jews make a Nation multi-cultural and diverse just by being in it since they are not part of the ethnic population. They cause suffering to the ethnic people. If those ethnic people are Christians who have read 2 Corinthians 12, they would regard Diversity (the Jews) as the source of their strength. Isn’t that just wonderful?

The Jews always try to make themselves look as victims as they move on towards the conquer of a new land. They include other minorities and various other groups of people into their circle of persecution and then create with growing numbers a revolution which they lead – yet never really fight for. They provide the illusion of willpower, the illusion of purpose for all the idiots around them – they turn them into revolutionaries and use them as the golem they programmed them to be. In the 21st century those are not only the transgenders, left-wings, marxists, communists, pedophiles, masons but also the Christians, non-Whites, even right-wingers. They are creating a mixed multitude of servants and are trying to unite them into one channeling force against the White Race.

Everybody can read the Bible nowadays. Everyone can see the idiocy behind the New Testament – the statements which make no sense whatsoever; the contradicting elements, the laughing perspectives on life, society and logic. Everyone can also read the Old Testament and realize its danger to the entire planet – the Jewish mission, their hatred for the rest of humanity. Christianity was supposed to weaken us, Europeans, to the point where the Semitic force of Islam would be capable of destroying us. But, it didn’t. We were lucky because the Mongols destroyed the Muslims. We were lucky because Christianity never really succeeded in destroying the entire European spirit and soul. But, it is time to understand what Christianity, what the Bible itself, represents – and we did so going through the various Christian Cuck articles. It is a dangerous tool which destroyed Greece, Rome, Egypt, and the rest of Europe. If a disease spreads through your entire body –are you going to say that it “unified” you? The Christian is never racially based – he is only worried that his “Christian culture”, whatever the fuck that is, survives. He couldn’t give a shit if a purple alien converted and lived among him. Alas, the main point is – it is all a Lie and we cannot allow ourselves to live in a Lie anymore.

And as the true European fell, little by little, so did more and more degeneracy arise. As the true values of Europeans were labelled as heretic and forced to be forgotten, so did a hole manifest itself which allowed evil to come through. European women were not regarded as sacred anymore – no Goddess represented them – they lost their root as the Mother of the Race : Feminism was simply a matter of time. The only other element that would be given to them is a Jewish woman, Mary, who gave birth to a Jew. Honor lost its traditional and racial roots and was replaced by the Will of the Jewish God and his Son. Righteousness didn’t look after its people anymore, was not guided by common sense anymore – but by the good book and its messengers. All true core values were lost and replaced by artificial Jewish ones. And today, Christians believe Jews to be God’s Chosen and can’t wait for a New World Order in which the White Race won’t exist. The Jews have no problem with waiting out a certain plan – they knew that one day Christianity would entirely serve them. In that very same sense – we might be having some benefits from the Internet today, but soon enough the Jews will turn it into our worst nightmare – that is also true with all modern day technology, including AI. When reviewing the history of Christianity, one should not look at the things it supposedly did to Jews – one has to look at what it did to Europe and Europeans, for the Jews were never its target that was supposed to be destroyed by it : It was the Europeans, and for that matter the rest of the Goyim, who were intended to be destroyed by it. Jesus the Jew supposedly told his fellow Jews to love their “enemies” – if this includes Gentiles in addition to some bad Jews here and there – then it would have killed the Jewish race, nation and ethnicity in due time. After all, all are one in Jesus. All. Jews symbolically “killed” Christianity in their fairy-tale story and therefore created a firewall against it. The rest, the Goyim, have become weak, meek and are turning the other cheek. Remember – Semitism is the spreading of Jewish influence.


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