ANTIFA VS. This Is Texas: The Battle For The Sam Houston Statue

On June 10th 2017, I went to Hermann Park here in downtown Houston, Texas for a protest organized by a group called This Is Texas to protest a planned organized march by ANTIFA (also called “anti fascists”) against the Sam Houston statue here in Hermann Park.  ANTIFA was protesting the statue due to the historical fact that Sam Houston owned slaves and they consider such statues a part of “white supremacy” and “racism”.  When I arrived for the protest at around 11:15am, I passed by one of the ANTIFA members who were speaking to a family of 3 and a black man and I kindly asked for directions to the statue as I had never been in Hermann Park in my entire 22 years living in Houston, TX.  At the time that I was speaking to the ANTIFA member, I had no idea that he was even a part of the organization but he kindly directed me towards the place.  It wasn’t until after meeting a friend at the rally that I realized that ANTIFA did not even set foot near the rally for fear of violence that would be visited upon them.  There was a scuffle between white nationalists/white supremacists and the This Is Texas organization as the leader David Amad had warned the Vanguard and Sons of the Confederacy not to attend the rally if they were to make the rally anything other than protecting the Sam Houston statue.  Amad also made it very clear that there was to be no flying of the Confederate flag at the event as well; however he stated that Texas flags and American flags could be flown at the rally.  From the pictures and videos, most can see that it was a very peaceful event and a large reason as to why it was a peaceful event was due to the law abiding open carry members and 2nd Amendment activists who used their constitutional rights to defend themselves just in case ANTIFA came with violence in their hearts and minds as has long been their customs to do such things when they protested in California.  Please enjoy the pictures and the videos and leave any comments below as to what you thought of the entire event!



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