In Pursuit of the White Gods
By Eric Thomson (2000)

The Aztecs and the Incas shared a religion which honored White Gods who founded their civilizations and taught them such useful things as agriculture and astronomy. Then, for some unknown reason, the White Gods “flew away in great white birds”. Thor Heyerdahl thought they meant sailing ships and sought to duplicate their supposed voyage from Mexico and South America in his Kon Tiki adventure, whereas the speculative writer von Daniken suggests they flew away in space ships.

When the Spaniards arrived, they proved to the “Indians” that they probably weren’t White Gods, but they could sure wield a mean sword. Their “centaurs” or mounted knights, and their terrible “flame sticks” or cannon, showed that they were not ordinary men, however un-godlike they were. ‘Hard-headed realists’ posit that the small bands of Spaniards could have been easily wiped out, had they not gathered Indian allies who hated the Aztec or Inca empires, but no one argues that the natives’ belief that the Spaniards were the White Gods did not adversely affect the morale of the warriors who resisted the conquest. There is a clear lesson here for White folks: if you worship your enemy, you have already been defeated. If you worship your enemy’s religion, then you have been enslaved. This is what happened to the natives of “New Spain”.

Imagine for a moment if you were colored. How wonderful and alien the world would be to you, for all the alien wonders you see about you are the creations of the White Gods: every artifact of civilization from aircraft to zirconium fuel rods is from a race not your own. Your attitude toward the White Gods might vary from awe to inferiority, were you a reflective golliwog, but most colored people take White Civilization as a given and show their disdain for idiots who invite them into their living-space and who share the benefits of their Creativity without being forced to do so. The colored admit their inferiority by coming to live in our society, yet, they claim to be superior to us in regard to culture! The problem with so many Whites is that they believe them and they teach these lies to White children. Every White civilization has failed for these same reasons.

The Habiru Sagaz or Desert Cutthroats (from whence the word”Hebrew” is derived) wandered in a desert of their own bandit culture until they entered a “land of milk and honey”. Was this a land in which the inhabitants had skin the color of milk and hair the color of honey? Waddell suggests that this was indeed the casein his “Makers of Civilization”. Certainly, the inhabitants behaved as Whites do today: they foolishly welcomed the marauding hebes who defiled and then destroyed their civilization. When will we ever learn?


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