Was There A Worldwide Civilization United by the Swastika?



The swastika is one of the world’s oldest symbols, representing good fortune, peace, and light. The swastika is a very old symbol with use widespread throughout the world. Sometimes referred to as a “Gammadion” “Hakenkreuz” or a “Flyfot,” it traditionally had been a sign of good fortune and well being. The word “swastika” is derived from the Sanskrit “su” meaning “well” and “asti” meaning “being.”

A long line of swastikas from around the world are found, but mainstream science would have us believe that all of these civilizations developed independently from one another.

Countless anomalies are found around the earth that don’t fit the mainstream version of history. They indicate our ancestors lived lives vastly different from what we have been led to believe are facts.

Many suspect that today’s dating of historical events may have some errors… on a tall scale. But history is written by the victors. History as we know it today was designed and finalized during the 1600s, largely by Joseph Scaliger.

This video shows the many swastikas found around the world, presents some of the findings of Anatoly Fomenko regarding revised chronology, and then puts forth the position that the swastika was a sacred symbol representing a very old, glorious culture that spanned the world, which has since been concealed.


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