New Book Exposes Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty — “Erasing The Liberty”


There is nothing like an eye witness account. And as the author of this new book writes,

“This book is dedicated to my fallen shipmates and to all patriotic Americans who, when they read it, will come away shocked and dismayed as to how the U.S. government lied to the American people about the cold-blooded murder of Americans on the high-seas, a cover-up perpetrated not just by them but by the government of Israel as well.”

They are also making a full length feature film. As soon as Gumshoe gets hold of a copy, it will be sent to Mr Jon Faine at the ABC.

Malcolm Fraser

When Mr Faine interviewed the late Malcolm Fraser, Faine refused to consider the former prime minister’s version, even after all the research he had done.

It seems that those working for the mainstream media are just unable to review the facts.

Mad, Demented Conspiracy Theory

When Malcolm Fraser was promoting his book, a few years ago, this is what the Australian MSM had to say:

“MAD claims from former PM”

That was the headline to an Australian Jewish News article. They wrote:

“Claims from Malcom Fraser that Israel deliberately bombed the USS Liberty in June 1967 is a “mad, demented conspiracy theory”, Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) national chairman Mark Leibler said this week.

“The former prime minister made the assertion while promoting his new book Dangerous Allies during an interview with ABC Radio Melbourne broadcaster Jon Faine.”

The Herals Sun followed with an article titled:

“Sad Fraser has new anti-Israel conspiracy theory.”

What is sad is that the mainstream media are to fearful to ever “go there” — maybe too fearful to read Phillip F. Tourney’s new book, Erasing the Liberty.

Casualty station after the attack

This is what Tourney had to say (on VT):

“It’s hard to believe that nearly 50 years has passed since Israel attacked my good ship USS Liberty in international waters.

“I have personally spent the last 30 years getting the truth out; writing thousands of letters to politicians, attending events across the country, having the great honor of being the only three-time president of the USS Liberty Veterans Association.

“The book [Erasing the Liberty] ties in thousands of facts and first-hand accounts to present one undeniable conclusion: the attack on the Liberty was anything but a mistake, and our own government betrayed, and continues to betray, all Americans with its disgraceful cover-up.”


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