Trump Goes Full Zionist


All those opposed to the plan for a greater (Eretz) Israel dominating the Mid-East–and eventually the world–were just defined by Bibi Netanyahu as “Barbarians”… and far worse. This, with the nodding assent of Donald Trump, who minced few words in supporting the mythology of the Holocaust of six million–“history’s darkest hour”–a demographic impossibility from which there were a miraculous number of survivors. This ties in well with my expectations: Trump’s targeting of “bigotry” after his election was made possible by bigots–but Trump targeted only the bigotry of non-Jews. (See “Trump’s Coming War on Bigotry,” Renegade Tribune, Dec. 2016.)

According to Trump, we must not become “bystanders to barbarity.” Vowing “never again” Trump neglected to mention it was the World Jewish Congress that declared economic war on Germany on behalf of “all the Jews of the World” in 1933. The reason for the declaration?  Hitler refused their demand to reinstate the corrupt Weimar officials–some of whom were Jewish–he had dismissed. This declaration made even innocent Jews into “enemy combatants” subject to detention under the rules of war. Similarly, Trump apparently fails to realize that there has been a counterbalance of violence against the Palestinians since 1948, including massive land theft. The U.N. mandate that created the Israeli State (based on questionable population figures) also called for a Palestinian state that does not exist to this day.

This cataloging of “enemies” by Netanyahu, attested to by Trump, would presumably include many Trump voters–voters who could easily be classified as “lone wolf terrorists” or the ever popular “paper terrorists.” (Those mistakenly believing those words were meant for ISIS alone seem to forget those heartwarming pictures of Bibi comforting wounded ISIS fighters in an Israeli hospital.)

I, for one, don’t buy the trite argument of an irreconcilable gulf between Jews and Muslims–and hence don’t believe this was a reference just to Muslims as the media encourages us to believe. Jews and Muslims collaborated for hundreds of years in the abortive Muslim conquest of Europe prior to 1492 and can work together in the future, as evidenced by Trump’s massive arms sale to the Saudis. Such a sale would have been an impossibility without the assent of major Jewish organizations in the U.S. Religious Jews, in fact, find Islam far less offensive than Christianity. And many Muslims would be only too glad to switch whipping-boy places with Europeans, as evidenced by their recent lusty re-invasion of Europe.

Trump bowed. Trump bobbed in the ritual motion of orthodox Jews at the so-called wailing wall. (A wall remaining from the old Roman fort in the area, used as a garbage dump for 800 years(1). Trump became the first sitting U.S. President to actually TOUCH the wall. (It looked like he put in a wish or took out some instructions!)

Coming soon: A NATO of the Arab world (with Israel in the lead)?

The impact of such a policy on the U.S. and the world was explored in a much-criticized American comedy–Americathon (1979)–on the world of the future. America is a bankrupt wreck that must have a telethon to keep operating, the USSR has fallen, and Russia, with China, is a major commercial power. And the new world policeman is the “United Hebrab Republic”–a conglomeration of Israel and the Arab states (2).




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