The Killing Fix

I was driving home tonight when I received word, via an email message, that one of my horsemen finally took it upon themselves to try and end the life of that wretched feminist Arriana Grande.  Honestly, I have the faintest of clues that she even existed until a few weeks ago, but any attack upon a feminist that results in the loss of lives is a good thing to a nihilist like myself.  So, I was quickly motivated to strike up this poem in memory of the good men who tried to end her wretched life and the lives of others who actually enjoyed her “music”, if that is what it can be called these day.


The Killing Fix

It’s taken a lifetime to kill them all
A lifetime of genocide
All the wasted lives on my hands
The lives turn to blood

As their lives fade in the wind
Burning lives
Large crimes
Killing them until they are mine

I kill with the fire
I feed on the hatred
Their lives are right where they should be
Don’t try and save them

I was so lost trying to find my way
I do not follow
Thus I am out of place


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