Rundown of the Poolside ‘White Supremacist’ Staged-Deception Shooting
By Russ Winter of The New Nationalist

The LaJolla, Calif., pool-shooting incident involves a white man, one Peter Selis, firing on a group of blacks holding a poolside birthday party. The story line is that seven individuals were wounded, one woman died and the shooter was killed by police.

In the first You Tube video HowISee TheWorld dispenses with this one. Here are some observations: Drew Philips a “survivor” can be seen at 0:17 describing what happened to his good friend who was holding a 50 years old milepost birthday. When asked (at 0:45) how old his good friend was, Philips answered that he didn’t know, but guessed early 30s. This strikes us as a rather large miss on the script.

cartoon physics lawn chair and right leg

The photo at left of the shooter Selis looks like poorly done CGI. Like most deceptions it is done in typical blurry fashion. We see the standard cartoon imagery, as the angle of the back of the lounge chair doesn’t square with the rest of the chair. Enlarge screen and look closely at unnatural stiff legged, no-flex knee shape, stick like area above joint, and contorted twisted angle of lower right leg.

There is overhead footage at 3:00 of the police arriving on the scene. The shooter supposedly just stays in his pool chair holding a beer and a weapon and is taken down in a hail of bullets and shot. You never see anybody hit as camera pans away. You don’t see blood from birthday boy who was shot multiple times just a few feet away from Selis. You don’t see blood around the shooter despite the fact that a shotgun (see 5:45) was used on him. The body is shown positioned in multiple locations at 6:00. The camera fails to show how Selis moved or was moved. At 8:20 media reported witnesses saying Selis was wearing a heavy black coat on a warm day. All images show him wearing a blue polo shirt- another script miss.

Other than these videos, there is a strange lack of other footage for an apartment complex of this size. No wounded are visible by the pool. Here is a group of calm “survivors” photographed later. One is still wearing a child-like birthday hat after the mad scramble out of there- nice touch.

A youtuber went to the scene and stood on the spot the two officers set up for their shots. I counted 16 or 17 rounds fired from the audio. He observed that the two officers would not have been able to shot over or through the 3 inch spaced metal fence surrounding the pool. You can pick this up starting at 2:00. At 4:00 there is clearer footage establishing that the fence location is higher than the officers’ line of fire. I have added the second shooting video in motion and you can see the fence as he zooms in. Inquiring minds might wonder why the cameraman in the second video just stopped filming at 24 seconds?

Beyond these inconsistencies and impossible fields of fire, the next video is also one of the money shots of the whole deception. You will first hear the media reading from the script on how the party attendees “knocked pool chairs into the pool” as they scrambled for safety. However a video has surfaced of “police officers” throwing chairs into the pool.” Very unique crime scene protocol to say the least. Nothing to see here move along?

This article originally appeared on The New Nationalist and was republished here with permission.


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