Oy Vey: Swastika Found at Anne Frank Memorial in Idaho

An Anne Frank holocaust memorial was defaced in Idaho. How much do you want to wager that a Jew did this? 

From Idaho Statesmen:

Police and other observers aren’t sure if a swastika found Wednesday at Boise’s Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial was drawn Tuesday night or sometime before that.

If it appeared Tuesday night, the swastika, drawn on a marble tablet, would represent the second vandalism incident at the memorial this week. A group touring the memorial Tuesday afternoon discovered racist and anti-Semitic slurs written in black on two different tablets, Dan Prinzing, executive director of the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights, told the Idaho Statesman.


The Wassmuth Center, whose offices stand next to the Anne Frank memorial, is raising money to replace the tablets, which were damaged during efforts to clean the graffiti tags off them. Another group is holding a separate online fundraiser. Prinzing said that effort was from a group of people responding to the vandalism of the memorial.

The Boise Police Department has assigned a detective to investigate the case but has no leads or suspects, spokeswoman Haley Williams said.
On Wednesday, Boise’s Ahavath Beth Israel synagogue released a statement condemning the defacing of the Anne Frank memorial.


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