Osama bin Laden’s son calls for attacks on Jews, Americans

A video released recently by the terror group al-Qaeda purportedly features one of the sons of Osama bin Laden calling for attacks on Jewish targets around the world.

In the 10-minute video, which features images of terror attacks around the world, including several in Israel, Hamza bin Laden encourages Muslims in “America, the West and occupied Palestine” to carry out lone-wolf attacks where they are instead of traveling to Syria or elsewhere.

“Know that inflicting punishment on Jews and crusaders where you are present is more vexing and severe for the enemy,” he says, according to a translation provided in the video, which was distributed by al-Qaeda media arm as-Sahab.

Bin Laden also suggests targets for the attackers, telling followers to “look for Jewish targets everywhere” and if there are none, to attack American or NATO interests.

He urges the use of weapons other than guns, a possible reference to the knives and vehicles that were a hallmark of a spate of attacks in Israel in 2015 and 2016.

The video includes footage from at least two attacks in Israel: a truck-ramming attack on a Jerusalem promenade that killed four soldiers on a cultural tour in December 2016, and a November 2015 incident in which a Palestinian woman stabbed and lightly wounded a security guard at the entrance to the Beitar Illit settlement.

Bin Laden also urges attacks on Russia, and the video features footage of the December 2016 assassination of Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov.

“We shall continue to target you until you withdraw your forces from the Arabian Peninsula and from every single land of Islam,” Bin Laden says in the video.


In January, bin Laden, 28, was named a specially designated global terrorist by the US State Department, which cited a 2015 tape in which he called for attacks in Washington, Paris and Tel Aviv.

He also released a tape last year urging revenge on Americans for his father’s death in a 2011 American raid.


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