Jared Taylor: An Agent For The Jews


In the link above, Jared Taylor takes the side of the Jews and all the evils that they are currently doing to this world.  I have long warned people that the entire Alt-Right or as I call them the Alt-Kike movement is merely a front for the Jews, a front to entrap unsuspecting and false self aware Jew haters who fail to see that by hating a portion of the non Jewish front, it will not allow for a unified front against the Jews.  I have also told these white nationalist that they should follow the strategy of the fuhrer and unite with non whites to fight the Jews but they have let blind hatred against non whites seep into their weak minds.  Let the following words by Taylor serve as a warning to anyone who is a white nationalist and a member of the Jewish owned and backed Alt Right: 

Jared Taylor saying the following words in an interview: “”I think that European Jews..Ashkenazi Jews many of them are patriotic men of the West I know quite a number who share my views practically 100% on racial questions and I do not see them as an enemy I think they are a very much allies for the struggle in maintaining Western civilization.”


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