The First Cursed

I decided to write this poem after a day of witnessing and observing the decay in the world with the justified conclusion that humanity and all existence must end by any means necessary!


The First Cursed

In the abyss lies the ruins of my dreams
A burnt sacrifice to the gods on the cinters
Hatred and revenge, the two sisters to my brother
For was it my fault I was born a human being?

Never shall I forget the ways of my ancestors!
I was created to be a knight, not a traitor
For to die would be bliss in this abyss
An existence for the flowers in your hand

The hatred grows in my heart
The blood from the roots of the trees gives me life
And also yields pains for my wounds
This world was created from my pain
My longing for your triumpy a cry out in pain to extinguish my feelings, hatreds, rebellions

I suffer no more for the unnecessary
The questions never cease- why me?
The fire in my soul never goes away
Chained to my hate forever
Unchanged, unfulfilled but I remain for eternity
A thorn in the eye of humanity forever!


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