NOLA’s Confederate Statues Are Litmus Test for the Status of White Minorities


By Russ Winter of The New Nationalist
Some unscrupulous character may have doctored this tweet by adding this photo to it. Irregardless of the potentially unethical action, the message of the tweet — which has been verified — is what matters and remains the same.

The City of New Orleans, La. (NOLA), is a prime microcosm for the treatment of racial minorities in the United States. In this case, we are speaking about whites as the minority. Whites in NOLA were a small majority back in 1970 at 54.5%. Today it’s 33% and dropping.

The issue at hand for the new minority is the campaign to remove Confederate monuments around that city. One has already come down in the middle of the night. The ploy being used is that these statues are racist and are nuisances.

The white mayor of NOLA Mitch Landrieu is in the thick of this campaign, even going so far as tweeting the statues “do not represent diversity.” This form of reverse racism should give serious pause to the white minority of NOLA and elsewhere.

Landrieu’s sister Mary was a U.S. senator. Given his tweet, it’s incredible to also fathom that he is a practicing attorney and was president of InternationalMediation & Arbitration, Ltd. He was trained in mediation and negotiation by the Harvard Law School Negotiation Project, the American Arbitration Association and the Attorney Mediator’s Institute. Landrieu has also taught alternative dispute resolution as an adjunct professor at Loyola University Law School. What a pathetic commentary and state of affairs. This represents a complete takeover of the process by very nasty elements.

Where were the police while this monument was being desecrated?


A committee in Louisiana legislature voted Wednesday, May 3, to advance a bill that would bar localities from removing Confederate monuments without first getting the approval of voters. New Orleans Deputy Mayor Ryan Berni was among those who testified against the bill. He pointed out that courts have affirmed the city’s ownership of the monuments and argued the city should have control over what to do with its property. Berni also argued the monuments were put up as part of what’s known as the “Cult of the Lost Cause.” When Berni mentioned the Cult of the Lost Cause, the audience erupted into a chorus of boos.

photo- WGNO

This referendum method and solution is fundamental democracy. The New Nationalist (TNN) in general supports this approach. Mostly, that’s because we still have faith that some among the black majority of NOLA will still have the good sense and decency to stop this anti-white race baiting dead in its tracks and let sleeping dogs lay.

Indeed, a poll by WWL-TV showed that 64 percent of metro New Orleans residents opposed the removal or renaming of monuments. Only 18 percent at the time supported removals. A poll solely of African-American voters statewide was more troubling as 46 percent support Confederate symbols being removed, 31 percent oppose the idea, with 23 percent undecided. But it is encouraging to see that there are few white cucks on the monument issue: 85 percent of white voters oppose, versus 5 percent in favor and 10 percent are undecided.

TNN submits this monument scam is racial divide-and-conquer agitprop. In fact, this will be a major litmus test for race relations in the U.S. If democracy is thwarted at the hands of NOLA’s mayor, Antifa agitators and their useful idiots, then it should serve as an enormous wake-up call to whites in minority or bare-majority situations.

Confederate and Union soldiers in 1913 and 1938 held Gettysburg reunions TOGETHER as brothers in arms. If this doesn’t touch your heart, then it is you who is the lost cause. Note that you will also see black Civil War veterans participating in these reunions. For the record, all of my paternal ancestors from that era were Confederate soldiers. On my maternal side, those who were in the country were Union soldiers. Any real American should get it.

This article originally appeared on The New Nationalist and was republished here with permission.


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