Updates April 2017

“Happy” Birthday To Me! 

It has been a shocking 31 years of my life and little have I given the idea that I would even make it this far in life.  I have accomplished all of my goals and shall hopefully be in Ecaudor living out the remaining months of my life away from the shithole called America.  This is also my second birthday that has went by without my biological parents in my life but it is all for the better as I replaced them long ago.  My mentor plans to take me out for dinner this Friday and I got my 8th tattoo about an hour ago to commemorate the ending of my career as an educator.  Also, in advance, I would like to thank those who wished me a happy birthday on Facebook because due to my post block, I will be unable to interact with them until May 4th at my earliest convenience.


A New Sidepiece

Usually I never talk about who I am seeing or dating but I did post a picture of her on my instagram page.  Talk about a grand opportunity to lavish praise upon a woman who does not fit the stereotype of the typical feminist sluts that most women have become in my eyes.  She knows very well that a woman’s role must remain in the kitchen and the garden where they must stay to help raise the children and tend to the needs of the house so that stability can remain a part of the family infrastructure.  However, a woman must also know that their role must be one of pure submission to the man’s desires and my sidepiece recognizes that.  That is why I have been urging many men to get a sidepiece and to stop bothering with women until they abandon the evil notion of feminism.  Then of course, maybe with the continuance of rapes, they will sooner realize that their role has long been to sit down, shut up, and remain submissive to their roles as mothers and wives or face complete destruction.


No More Teaching

I have made the decision that the end of June will mark the end of my 4 years as an educator as I have grown tired, angry, and hateful towards all aspects of the American education system.  It is a fitting time to leave the field because now that I have acquired my MBA degree, I can leave the field for greener pastures.  I have to continue to seek residence in a foreign country, mostly to avoid repayment of my student loans but to also live out my final few months in peace away from the greed of jews and white freemasons.  I will write a full personal narrative on my journey as an educator sometime in July to make my entire journey a great piece of the history of my life thus far so please look for that in the near future.


New YouTube Channel



About a week ago, I did an interview with a great friend and national socialist Nicholas Pride on his plans to run for office of President of the United States in the year 2020.  I was able to open a YouTube channel to record our interview and we have decided that I should do more of such activities since the first one was such a rousing success.  So, I have decided to make a YouTube channel for this website and to try and post interviews that I do with other like minded people that I might run into down the line of life.  It is another great avenue of content that can be delivered to those who subscribe to this website and I already have 3 subscribers and 6 new likes for my first video below



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