Drug Bust Sends Army Base Into Lockdown

Something big is going down at Fort Stewart, Georgia.

On Tuesday, the base was placed on lockdown and several soldiers were arrested because authorities believe that they either have in the past or are currently selling, possessing, or using cocaine, Popular Military reported.

While the investigation is continuing, Popular Military reports that it had been told by a source there could be as many as 64 soldiers from the “3-15 Infantry Battalion and the 1-30 Infantry Battalion” involved in the affair.

UIt wasn’t clear how many had actually been arrested, but Popular Military said its source had reported that the drug ring’s leader had ties to a known drug cartel.

One of those arrested on drug trafficking charges was Pfc. Mario Figueroa, 22, according to Popular Military.

The Associated Press reported via the Army Times that several of the soldiers from the Tuesday apprehensions had been cleared of wrongdoing.

Maj. Gen. James Rainey, senior commander of Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield issued a short statement to the media — if you can call it that.

It seemed like he wanted to remain pretty tight-lipped, at least for the moment.

“We dedicate resources and work closely with our local law enforcement partners to identify and suppress illegal drug use in our ranks,” he said according to WSAV. “We take this seriously, and we will continue to do everything we can to ensure our Army and communities are drug free.”

He felt it important to note that this incident should not distract from the work done at the military base by American servicemen.

“There are over 25,000 men and women serving in the Army at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield who selflessly defend our country every day,” the general continued. “This incident does not diminish their hard work and sacrifices.”

It does not. Americans respect the military and they respect American soldiers. It would take a lot more than a few bad apples to change that.

Hopefully this incident will be resolved expediently.


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