Real Whites And Fake Whites


Increasingly we are seeing whites divided into one of three categories. There are whites who want to preserve their race, there are whites who want to see the white race cease to be a distinct race, and there are whites who don’t care what happens to their race whatsoever. This article aims to compare and contrast the first two categories: the people proud to be white and the people who are ashamed to be white.

If we think about identity as being something genetic we are thinking about identity in a tribal way. If we think about identity as being tribal then we have to be aware that tribal identity is based on the future. If you are a member of a tribe your genetic identity extends into the future generations with the existence of that tribe. Let’s examine the case of people who are loyal to the tribe and people who are traitors to the tribe.

If someone is loyal to a tribe they are linking their genetic legacy to the future of the tribe, which means they are a true member of the tribe on the genetic level. If someone is a traitor to a particular tribe, this means that their genetic legacy will likely be linked with a group of people that are not of the tribe that they are betraying, so their children or grandchildren will most likely join the gene pool of this other group of people. The genetics of traitors tend not to be part of the gene pool of the tribe they have betrayed.

The two categories of whites – whites who seek to preserve the white race and whites who seek to undermine the white race – can be called real whites and fake whites. The so-called real whites are actively invested in the future of the white race and they seek for their genetic legacy to be continued within the race. The fake whites have decided to go the other way. They cannot be considered white on a spiritual level because genetically they tend not be invested in the future of the white race. In our culture we tend to think about genetics as being something we inherit. Genes are tribal, and when thinking in tribal terms it is not only the past that has to be considered but also the future. A person who betrays their genetic past is making a declaration regarding where they wish for the future of their genes to be.

Much of white culture today is dominated by whites who can be called fake whites. Fake whites are basically white people who are shells of real white people. They have white bodies and white brains, but their souls are not white. It is these people who are trying to dictate what white culture is. In saying their souls are not white I am saying they have no loyalty to white people, our extended family.

We also have to face the fact that many of the people in our race, and perhaps even most of them, are lost souls whose genetic future will be one of assimilation with colored humanity. We should be open to the fact that some of these lost souls may return to the white fold but we should not expect the majority to do so. If any of us have children or grandchildren who have dated outside the race I do not think we should immediately disown them. The culture in the world is so confusing these days that I think we need to take pity on those among us who have been led astray by the chaos of the world.

Renegade Editor’s Note: It’s a tough issue raised at the end, about what to do with relatives who have dated outside of our race. I recommend raising your children in a way where they would not even consider such a thing, but if they are currently dating someone of another race, definitely do everything you can before you get mixed-race granchildren. Make it clear you do NOT condone such behavior.


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