23 Years Of Hell In Jewmerica

In the next two months, it will mark the 23 year anniversary that my family moved from Nigeria to the United States.  It is a move that still makes very little sense to me because we had very comfortable lives back home.  I was in a private school, I didn’t have to deal with the black niggers or the Latino spics of this world; I was living in a comfortable upper class section of Nigerian society where all people in my apartment complex and street knew who I was and the accomplishments of my ancestors.  I have tried to rationalize the need for such a move when I asked my biological father a decade ago and he said that he wanted us to experience the glories of living in a first world nation and to eventually become residents of the United States while it was at its peak and glory.  Little did he know that such glories were all crafted under the lies of Jewish supremacy and that we would be entering a land of debts, enslavement, servitude to false gods and false idols, and expected to support wars in the name of false security to serve a foreign power called Israel.

In truth, I also share a lot of the blame myself for not opening my eyes to the Jewish spell and for allowing my mind to be brainwashed by the Russian Jew Michael Savage, real name Michael Weiner.  It wasn’t until I was 23 years old and after my surgery in 2009 that I realize the depths of Jewish control over this world and at that point that I began to look at things as just not liberals vs. conservatives but as jews and non jews.  Now, not all things here in America during my last 23 years on this earth has been horrible.  I was able to acquire my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and I live a relatively good life inspite of Jewish plans to force me to pay for my student loans and to continue to steal from me and my hard earned fortunes.  Honestly, I would probably stay in Jewmerica and continue to fight the Jews and to fight for a decent future if some things were different; one of those things being my student loans and my lonely existence.

A huge reason why I live such a lonely life is due to my extremist, nihilistic belief structures that places me against the following people: gays, blacks, whites, jews, latinos, women, black and latino children, africans, social justice warriors, feminists, christian zionists, zionists, muslims, christians, anarchists, pedophiles, and even my own biological parents.  I made this decision long ago and basically only see human beings a means to establish a non existent world where all objects, beliefs, creeds, lives, nature, animals and all existence finally is destroyed to make way for a perfect world of nothingness.  As for the other situation, my student loans, I had no intention of ever paying those despite the fact that I took out over 70 thousand U.S. dollars to pay for an MBA degree that will eventually turn out to be worthless due to getting it from a for profit private school.

It all seems very fitting that come September later this year, I will finalize my plans to move to Ecuador or Bolivia where the government of such stated nations are against zionism and have a much lower cost of living when compared to life in America.  It also seems very fitting that I will leave this shithole that I call Jewmerica to finally live out my remaining few months of my life with people who are peaceful and only wish to live their lives free of Jewish supremacy.  Sure, the easy route might have been to move to Canada and struggle living under a similar Jewish dictatorship system where the social justice warriors, freemasons, and Jews have formed an evil triumvirate to fight against their supremacy.  I call this an easy route for Canada is very much life Jewmerica as a converted nation that caters only to Jewish interests at the expense of the home nation.  I already know the lay of the land and I do appreciate the beauty of the Canadian wildlife but I would rather live in peace with the peaceful people of Bolivia and Ecuador than to continue to waste my life away in Jewmerica living a life of anger and hatred as the Jews continue to tighten their noose around what remains of my life.


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