Why I Left My Homeland



Renegade Editor’s Note: I do not advocate White flight, especially to non-White lands, but I can understand the motivations. We still have a window of opportunity to fight for our lands and for our future.

I left Europe to settle on the opposite side of the world. I’m quite a private person so don’t expect me to go into huge details about where I am; I use a VPN for the site and I use TOR so my actual location won’t be known by anyone here and I would like to keep it that way. Moving on, I lived in Europe for the first 25 years of my life and I saw it degenerate from a place where there was genuine community, to seeing odd things, like a massive influx of non-Europeans into my school. It was okay at first because there was just a handful, but now over a decade later, that very same school has a 7-1 ratio of “ethnic” students to natives.

A “typical European” street

I saw the safety of my family and community compromised. For example, one of my relatives was attacked while walking her dog. This was a 13 year old girl who was beaten by a Muslim guy who was 18. He beat her so badly that he decided to then beat and kick the dog. After finding that guy and beating him (at 12) I would say that was the moment when something inside me changed. It was like I had taken off my rose-tinted glasses and could see for the first time division in the society I was living in. At 15 things took a greater leap forward when a massive amount of Africans were admitted into our school and one decided to attack his fellow students for no real reason. I could see that these people were different, and not different in the sense that I am different from the people here on Renegade (being of mixed blood – Greek, German and Italian, so not white-white) but in the sense that their whole way of being was so alien. They had no intentions of integrating and were openly hostile to us natives, but it was “okay” because they were just “getting settled in”.

A few years later there was disturbing news where the father of an “immigrant” family decided to hack his whole family to death, and this was a 2 minute walk from my house. Add to that one of our new neighbours killing animals in their garden and setting fire to their whole ground floor because they didn’t know how to use an oven. I started really becoming skeptical of this new living arrangement, but who was to blame? I was exposed to Freemasonry and its power from my early 20’s, as the family of the girl I was dating were all very high up within that organisation (30 degree+) and from that point on I believed that all political decisions were being made by this group and therefore any blame should lay at their feet. I didn’t realise who was pulling the strings of Freemasonry. However, it was at this age (22) where I was exposed to National Socialism. The scenario was quite odd; one of my girlfriend’s relatives had invited me over for a meal and had told me that if I intend to marry into the family then of course I would have an invitation to join the lodge. We had a nice meal, drank some nice wine and he was genuinely very warm and inviting. Then came the tour of his house. In one of his rooms he had a massive collection of Hitler and Third Reich artifacts. So many in fact that it looked like a small war museum.

I felt at the time very repulsed by this collection because, being a European we are taught that the “Nazis” were all evil and Hitler was the embodiment of evil. However, it did peak my interest. Why would someone spend such a fortune on collecting this stuff? He had it all, from weapons to diaries to official medals. (Looking back I’m quite jealous.) Then shortly after, something else happened; I was waiting for a bus and I saw a guy come in and wait with his daughter. He was what you would describe as a skin head, or perhaps a neo-nazi in appearance. He seemed like an excellent father and I decided to get talking to the guy and figure out his motivations for being such a supporter of something I felt was so abhorrent. We had a discussion at length and he asked me if I’d ever read Mein Kampf, after admitting that I hadn’t I decided too.

Reading Mein Kampf and later Hitler’s Second book was an eye-opener”

I found that the theories or facts relayed in the book, specifically about race and nature resonated with me on a core level. From there I started watching more online about Hitler, the time period, and studying the (((Russian))) revolution. From there I had heard of Europeans going to prison for questioning the “Lol-o-caust” – Stolz and Irving being just 2. This led me into Lol-o-caust revisionism and the layers began to come away. At the same time I picked up a Masonry book from a charity shop called Grades and Monitor, which was an internal book about various degrees and oaths. One of these oaths said that great protection should be provided to all Masons, but in particular the Jewish people. This then led me to investigating the huge links between Jews and Freemasonry.

I had transformed from your average dumbed-down goy to being a real revolutionary”

Polish road signs in European cities (that aren’t in Poland) are now common

So by this point in my mid-twenties I had transformed from your average dumbed-down goy to being a real revolutionary. I took to the streets (literally) and started handing out flyers and other literature at Masonic halls and just randomly around the area I lived in. Surprise, Surprise, I was reported for “hate speech” and that, as they say, was the end of that. I saw the full weight of the state come down on me. At one time it looked like I would go to prison and for someone who values his freedom, this was a huge blow. I luckily managed to dodge a sentence on that charge, and was charged with something similar that got me a 2 year probationary period. Around the same time being thoroughly swamped by Africans and Indians/Pakistanis the government decided to really ramp things up and flood us for a third time. This was with Polish people, so although they were white it still caused massive division within the society as they collapsed various industries by working cash in hand and under the table, getting profitable hand outs from the Government etc. Street signs where I lived were now 100% written in Polish and not in English. The situation was seemingly getting worse.

Then I was attacked. My face still bears the scars from this attack. I had the top half of my face sliced open; luckily now this has reduced to a paper thin scar, but you can see the severity of the wound by its sheer size. By now politically I didn’t resonate with the state’s version of Governance and after nearly being blinded in this attack, the Police ran my name and didn’t do a thing to find my attackers (even though I managed to get footage from a local shop’s cameras). I knew the ship was sinking. This was strike one, and the second strike for me was that I had seen the culture devolve from one where talent and skill was envied to where intellect and beauty was now considered repugnant and girls at the age of 12 or 13 were sleeping around. Sex and drugs were everywhere. Trying to find a decent woman in that culture is nearly impossible. The third strike for me was the influence of feminism. Working in an office environment (Comp Science was my major) is difficult to say the least, as false accusations happen all the time. I was suspended from work for causing a woman “intense distress” because I was showing a buddy of mine a tattoo I was planning on getting on Google images, but the guy with the tattoo had no shirt on. OMG! The horror! It was after this complaint that I decided to leave the West. The working conditions were bad, the political scene was totally controlled (especially the opposition) and the culture was seedy and degenerate.

So it was with a heavy heart that I told my family I was leaving, and that I wouldn’t be coming back. I flew to the other side of the world and have a far nicer lifestyle, even if it isn’t surrounded by my own kind. Of course I still keep up to date with the politics in my homeland and it seems that I made the right choice. For native Europeans it’s no longer a home and should no longer be tolerated, but what can we do? I truly feel demoralised about the situation and believe that there is no way to reverse what has happened. Leaving seemed to be my only option.


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