Turning Children Into Sexual Degenerates



I recently watched a video by Sinead about degeneracy and on the same day I saw the video below. I suppose this is a message of hope in a sense. The main reason for hope is the moral outrage and overwhelming resistance against this vile goy-targeted attempt at influencing the maturation of children into sexual beings. This isn’t a new technique and anyone who’s read prophetic books such as A Brave New World or others will understand that it has definite aims and outcomes.

The main aim for attempting to make children sexual with each other is that it will promote a society which is increasingly divorced from family, where the state is seen as the only power and the power of the family unit is neutralised. This is a (((communist))) idea which was popularised by (((Gramsci))) in his opus: The Prison Notebooks and is clearly being promoted even now by the enemy. With the same intentions.

Watch the video and let me know your thoughts. Sinead and Kyle, thank you for your outstanding work.


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