Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned


Comparisons have been drawn between the affluent lifestyle enjoyed by the peoples of the Reich and the grinding poverty suffered by their contemporaries in the United States, Britain and Bolshevik Occupied Russia.

This reality is blue-pencilled out by media which falsely paints a picture of “Nazi” repression and impoverishment caused by the Nazis war economy. Ironically, repression falsely attributed to the Workers Reich, was and still is the grim reality for many citizens of the United Kingdom.

Imagine a junta where one can be arrested without a warrant, imprisoned without charge or trial, and denied access to habeas corpus or court of law. Picture a dictatorship where the police by force at any time of day or night may enter or search homes without a warrant.

A repressive regime in which a curfew can be imposed without warning, meetings prohibited and all forms of protest denied. Does such bring to mind Nazi Germany or Poland under Soviet occupation? Think again, this was much of Britain until decades after the end of World War II.

Punishment by flogging was routine sentencing, persons could be arrested and forced to appear as witnesses. Those arrested without charge could be compelled, under penalties, to answer questions that would incriminate them. If arrested one is denied access to relatives or legal advisors.

Surely this was the sort of nightmare despotism one might expect in a Latin American tyranny run by tin pot dictators. No, Britain again takes the podium for these depraved anti-people practices.

Black & Tans attack Sinead (Orla Fitzgerald)

Publications of heretical material is forbidden, possession of unorthodox film or gramophone recordings is prohibited. Is this a description of the steps taken against the Jews in Nazi Germany?

No, it is the Special Powers Act introduced in Northern Ireland until its repeal in 1972. The Act has been described as one of the most repressive pieces of legislation ever enacted.

The Civil Authorities (Special Powers) Act Northern Ireland 1922, commonly known as the Special Powers Act, was introduced by Northern Ireland’s Minister for Home Affairs, Sir Richard Dawson Bates.

Originally introduced as a temporary measure to replace the extremely harsh Restoration of Order in Ireland Act 1920, the legislation was re-enacted annually until 1928, then for a period of five years, eventually being made permanent in 1933.

Irish evictions

The Special Powers Act gave the Westminster appointed Minister of the Crown the power to restrict and suspend civil liberties. It gave him despotic power to detain and intern without trial, hang, flog, prohibit coroners’ inquests and to make regulations, each with the force of a new law, without consulting parliament. It was an offence to refuse to answer incriminating questions. In 1940 a regulation requiring everybody over the age of 14 to carry identity cards was issued.

This is similar to the type of legislation that media falsely ascribes to Apartheid South Africa where marginalised dispossessed non-Whites were allegedly persecuted by government. On the contrary, Hendrik Vorster, South African Minister for Justice, commented that he “would be willing to exchange all the legislation of that sort (apartheid) for just one clause of the Northern Ireland Special Powers Act.”

Dec 29, 1920, British Gov. sanctioned official reprisals in Ireland.

The power to intern without trial in Northern Ireland was frequently used. Internment was introduced from 1922 to 1924, 1938 to 1946, and 1956 to 1962 and again in 1971. It was not until 1972, following the fall of Stormont, that the Special Powers Act was finally repealed. Was this the end of Westminster’s repression of its own citizens? No, the Special Powers Act was replaced in July 1973 by the equally oppressive legislation, the Northern Ireland (Emergency Provisions) Act (the EPA).

Is this relevant? Yes it is because the same treacherous governing elite that sprang from the same poison well continue to rule Britain.

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In Britain, Europe and the United States, there is growing resentment against the influx of Third World economic migrants. There is also a sharp rise in rejection of the holocaust dogma, which is increasingly questioned.

If your government in London, Berlin or Washington DC believes similar repression necessary then the political elite, with the complicit media, will not hesitate to bring in similar legislation to repress ‘racists and neo-Nazis’.

If you question the holocaust or are opposed to the Third World invasion of your historic homelands refer to the Special Powers Act. I assure you that this reprehensible legislation will be applied against you as it once was against Northern Ireland’s Catholic and nationalist community. In fact, it already is being applied via what is euphemistically known as ‘race hate legislation’. Don’t say you were not warned. If you want to see the future look in your rear view mirror.


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