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Muhammad was a Jew


All Muslims will tell you they are descended from Abraham through Ismael. Well, there is far more truth to this than any Muslim would ever admit.

For if Muhammad was to have descended from Ismael, then his mother had to have been Jewish.

Thanks to a note from a non-believing Jewish writer to this website, it now seems she was and the unmistakable profundity of this fact bears out the Earth shattering statement —  “Muhammad was a Jew”!.






Even before Muhammad began his religion, the fact that he was Jewish through his mother and had a Jewish first wife explains why Jewish tribes trusted Muhammad to lead them.

The more difficult explanation to make is to explain why Jews were so open to following Muhammad into his new religion of Islam , a religion much like their own in terms of Jericho-like “kill all the men, women and children”, don’t eat pork, and yet different in other areas, circumcise the men in one versus the women in another, rake in interest in one versus being forbidden in the other, and so on.

After our required history background refresher course, in “How Jews got to Arabia,” we will explain how ordinary Arabs came to trust Muhammad as well, and in the process, got swindled into the religion of Islam.

Lastly, since the Jews are traditionally such an exclusive tribe, we will also explain why the Jews even felt the need to convert these pagan Arabs.

How Jews got to Arabia

    •   Even before the Roman Era, being the traders they are, Jews had long been in Arabia as part of the silk route trading between the East and the West.

The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire
by Edward Gibbon,
volume 5, page 202:
“Seven hundred years before the death of Mahomet the Jews were settled in
Arabia; and a far greater multitude was expelled from the Holy
Land in the wars of Titus and Hadrian. The industrious exiles
aspired to liberty and power: they erected synagogues in the cities, and
castles in the wilderness; and their Gentile converts were confounded with the
children of Israel [Jews] …”

The Israelites had been aligned with the Persian Empire ever since the day Persian Emperor Cyrus the Great freed the Israelites from their Babylonian Captivity.
(For Rush’s people in Rio Linda, Persia is today’s Iran and Babylon is today’s Iraq)

Twice thereafter, the Eastern Persian Empire, with their Jewish allies, tried to subdue Western Greek civilization.  Once on the plains of Marathon under Persian King Darius where he was soundly defeated, and again, by his son King Xerxes, husband of the Israelite’s very own Queen Esther.

With the West victorious in both encounters, Alexander the Great would take the fight to the Persian Empire and subdue all of Persian and beyond under Hellenistic rule.

The Jews could not have been more unhappy and when the Western Romans overtook the Western Greeks, bringing Roman legions into Jerusalem, the Jews were lowered deeper into desperation.

Christ came of this desperation, and as Christ predicted, destruction would come on several fronts to the Jews who rejected Christ.

The Jews’ first disappointment
against Roman occupation
came on the battle field.

In their First Jewish Rebellion of 67AD-70AD against Roman rule, Roman punishment came as night follows day — Rome’s iron-handed destruction of the Jewish Temple, along with the taking of slaves to spread  throughout the Roman Empire.  Along with the losses of Jews into slavery within the Roman Empire, already there started a scattering of Jewish refugees into the Persian Empire and into Arabia in what the Jews have called their Diaspora.  But Jews were still the majority in Palestine.

    •  Jewish refugees from the First Jewish Revolt of 67-70 AD arrive in Arabia, helped by the resident Jewish traders.

In Arabia and Persia, the Babylonian Talmud was begun to record their side of history for all eternity.

As for the Jews in Diaspora throughout the Roman Empire, they attempted to duplicate what had worked so well for them in Babylon — rot the empire from the inside.   One region pitted against another — conquered nation against conquering nation — slave against master — man against woman — young against old — rich against poor– aristocrat against plebe, so that an outside power could be convinced to take it without a fight.

And indeed, while not as much as they would have hoped for, they had success!

Just like the 1,000 year old Babylon Empire fell apart by Jewish subversives, just a generation after absorbing the Jews they thought they had conquered, allowing for the Persian King Cyrus to take Babylon without a fight, so did the 500 year-old Roman Republic become rapidly ruined by Jewish subversion from within to the point that within a generation of Rome taking Palestine, a Roman General named Caesar killed off the Roman Republic in all but name only.

By 132 AD, the Jews figured they had subverted enough slaves and other disgruntled people yearning to be free throughout the Roman Empire, that they, the Jews, would lead the revolt against Rome.

And they had just the Messiah to accomplish this herculean feat – Simon Bar Kokhba.

It worked for a spell. Israel was free for a few years while Rome was busy putting down the internal rebellions the Jews had stirred up among their own people.

So many Jews believe that Simon was the messiah that they renamed Simon Bar Kosiba their liberator as Bar Kokhba, “son of the Star,” a reference to a verse in the Book of Numbers (24:17), “There shall come a star out of Jacob,”

An clear allusion to the arrival of a messiah  when numbers alignment in Numbers 24:24  is read,

“They shall come in galleys from Italy,
they shall overcome the Assyrians,
and shall waste the Hebrews,
and at the last they themselves also shall perish.”

Indeed, the rebellion of the false messiah Bar Kohkba allowed for Rome to finally lay waste to Israel, as every Jew the Romans could capture was relocated to the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean, in what is now Spain. 

    •   Jewish refugees from the Bar Kokhba Revolt, ones the Romans could not find, who had escaped to Arabia and even Persia, were helped by the Jewish traders and Jewish refugees in Arabia from the first revolt

There would be one final Cyrus the Great moment when in 617AD, the Jews had persuaded the Persian Empire to once again strike at the West, not as in Darius and Xerxes days, but as in the overthrow of the Babylonians.

For 5 years this worked. The Jews once again had their homeland back from the Christians, but Byzantine Emperor Heraclitus was finally able to  route the Persians and laid waste to all of Persia. Weakening them into societal collapse was the devastation so complete.

But it was a Pyrrhic victory, as both empires laid knockout blows to each other.

Lucky for the Jews that they had a backup plan waiting in the wings in Arabia.

The Jews’ second disappointment
against Roman occupation
came on a peaceful note.

The message of Christ was rapidly spreading far and wide in the Roman Empire. A empire who reluctantly opened its arms to the message of Christ, even with subversive Jews trying their best to have Rome persecute and destroy the fledging religion, but it was of no avail.  The result was an increasingly Christian Roman Empire.

As areas Christianized, they expelled the Jesus-denying Jews in their ranks, many of whom ended up in the only locations available to them, with their tribes in the Persian Empire and the Arabian desert.

    •   Jewish refugees from the Roman Empire Diaspora, kicked out as parts Christianized, started arriving in Arabia to join the other 3 waves of Jewish immigrants to Arabia.

This last wave of immigrants included people who are known in Islamic literature as the Aus and the Khazraj.

Around 300 CE, they were forced out of Syria by the rising strength of Christian Rome, and the adoption of the Ghassan leader, Harith I, of Christianity.

At first the Aus and Khazraj lived on the outskirts of Yathrib. According to Islamic sources, the Khazraj, headed by Malik ibn Ajlan, sought and obtained military assistance from the Bani Ghasaan; and having enticed the principal chiefs of Yathrib into an enclosed tent, massacred them.[4]

Then the citizens of Yathrib, beguiled into security by a treacherous peace, attended a feast given by their unprincipled foes; and there a second butchery took place, in which they lost the whole of their leaders.[5]

4.See Katib at Wackidi, p. 287.
5. “Life of Mohamet I”, by Sir Walter Muir, Chapter III, Section 6

Even by 300 AD, the Jewish homeland itself was majority Christian.

    •   Jewish refugees from the Jewish homeland itself arrived in Arabia.

This alone could not stand.

But religions know no borders and Christianity was also beginning to make in-rodes into Arabia, where the Jewish refugees were congregating.

With their backs to the wall, this threatened their very existence.

The era of Paganism
was quickly coming to a close 

and the Jews knew it

The Roman and Greek gods had been no match for the Christian God and the Jews knew that it was just a matter of time as well before the Arabian Gods of Al-Lah and his three daughters would be thrown away for a love of Christ.

The Jews knew that their religion would not be the answer; for otherwise, the Roman Empire would have been Judaic by now, would it not?  Instead it was devoutly Christian.

Judaism was an abject failure in winning over converts from either Christians or pagans.

Already the future prophet of Islam himself, Muhammad, living in non-Roman Arabia had a Christian uncle-in-law.

If Jews did not want Christianity to kick them out of the entire civilized world, they needed a counter-measure of equal and opposing strength.

And for their counter-attack, they needed to at least retake ground they had lost to the Christians — they needed to retake Jerusalem.  For a good balance, they also needed to take at least half of all Christian lands.

Their Messiah would be Muhammad.

the Jewish Messiah

But why Muhammad?

This site first discovered that Muhammad was trusted by the Jews to such an extent that 9-year-old Aisha was given to Muhammad by her Jewish father as his second wife to replace the first one who had died.  But that does not explain why all Muhammad’s top generals at the time of his death had been raised Jewish.  Why would they follow a non-Jew as a Messiah?

Did not make sense.

Subsequently, this site has discovered that Muhammad’s first wife was the Jewess Khadija.  So that seemed sufficient at the time for the Jews to trust him, since all his descendants would have all been Jewish.

So both the Arab tribes trusted him for being Arab and the Jewish tribes trusted him for haven taken a Jewish wife.

At least that began to make sense.  But before Muhammad started his religion, his first wife had already died, so there were no longer those Jewish strings in the wife, as Esther had with King Xerxes.

So, this still did not make sense.

But in fact, turns out even this was all all stealth and guile on the part of the Jewish masterminds of this plot.

Father or Mother linage?

In most of the world, the father defines the lineage.

In that sense, to all Arabs, Muhammad was a fine outstanding Arab member by birth  of the Banu Hashim clan of the Quraysh tribe.

The rewards (i.e. Jewish bribery) for this is that the Jews would insure that the Quraysh gained supremacy and produced the three dynasties of the Ummayad Caliphate, the Abbasid Caliphate and the Fatimid Caliphates.

However, in the Jewish world, the hand that rocks the cradle is from whom the lineage is traced – the mother.

So, to all Jews, making the most sense of all this would be the assertion out on the web that Muhammad’s mother Amina was a Jewess.

Muyhammad's Jewish Mother, Amina

And here is where it all ties together.

The father of Muhammad was of the priestly pagan tribe of Quaraysh, chiefs and keepers of the national treasure of the Kaaba, married to a Jewish lady who would insure Muhammad would be a Jew with divine rights to determine the fate of the pagan Kaaba – few questions asked by the Arabs.

The ones who did ask were beheaded.

Add in the power and might the large contingent of Jews in Arabia gave Muhammad, and he was all set to become their Messiah.

With Jewish help, Muhammad crushed all Quraysh resistance and forcibly converted them all to Islam. the rest of Arabia easily fell in line behind the “priestly tribe”.

From there it was on to Jerusalem and beyond from one bloody battle to another.

Within 100 years, Jerusalem was free of Christianity, half of Christianity was in the hands of the Muslims and all of the Persian Empire was now Muslim.

God’s Chosen People were once again saved.

Saved indeed from the followers of God’s own Son, Jesus Christ.




Alert: Spy Pics Reveal NK’s Apocalyptic Plans for Saturday’s “Day of the Sun”

New satellite images from Kim Jong Un’s North Korea showed the communist country’s nuclear site at Punggye-ri is “primed and ready” for a new nuclear test, the Washington-based think tank 38 North reported Wednesday.

The images reportedly showed North Korea preparing to detonate a nuclear bomb to coincide with its national day, the “Day of the Sun” on Saturday. According to 38 North, the images showed “unusually high levels of activity” at the site over the past four weeks.

The satellite imagery from April 2 showed an increased level of activity around the site’s “North Portal,” or the tunnel where the country’s four most recent nuclear tests have taken place. And according to 38 North, aerial photos taken Wednesday showed continued activity at the nuclear site.

Other activities that seemed to indicate that the nuclear site was preparing for another test included increased personnel activity around the command center area located at the compound.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Thursday that it was possible that Pyongyang might have the ability to deliver missiles equipped with weapons of mass destruction — specifically, chemical weapons like those recently used in Syria.

“There is a possibility that North Korea already has a capability to deliver missiles with sarin (nerve gas) as warheads,” Abe told a parliamentary session, according to Reuters.

North Korea’s most important national day — its “Day of the Sun” — is on Saturday, April 15, when North Korea celebrates the birthday of its founding president Kim Il Sung. According to Reuters, North Korean leaders have used the date for major weapons test in the past.

The country’s current ruler, Kim Jong Un, has hinted that he had something big planned for the day, but another missile firing, like Pyongyang launched earlier this month, or a nuclear test could be a mistake of epic proportions: President Donald Trump has unequivocally told Kim not to perform any more tests and he has urged China to work to keep the dictator in check.

After Trump’s recent muscle-flexing in Syria, Kim would be wise to back down.

H/T U.K. Daily Mail

If You’re Wondering Why Trump Can Just Bomb Countries, Ask Obama, Bush, and Clinton
By  of The AntiMedia

If you read closely between the warped headlines of the establishment media, you will eventually find the truth about Trump’s decision to strike the Syrian government: it was illegal.

Yet most mainstream media outlets clearly supported the strike. Many U.S. allies also supported the strike, including so-called peaceful countries such as New Zealand, which stated the strikes were a “proportional response to a specific incident – the chemical weapons atrocity.” New Zealand also said they would consider sending troops to Syria if the American government requested them.

Why isn’t the legality of Trump’s reckless move even on the table for discussion?

Is it because this is, yet again, no exception to the rule that — as history has shown us — the United States president has the ultimate right and authority to lead his country into war without congressional approval or approval from the United Nations?

How did this happen?

Following the wars in Vietnam and Korea, the War Powers Resolution was passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate in 1973 as a means of curbing the ways by which the U.S. government could enter a war. Under the act, congressional approval must be obtained before the American president can commit the country to war. However, the fact that the president still has the power to launch a war for a 60-day period, following notification to Congress of the decision to commit U.S. armed forces to military action, still raises some questions regarding its effective application.

In 1999, under the presidency of Bill Clinton, the United States participated in NATO’s air war, which we were told was necessary in order to stop the Serbian ethnic cleansing campaign in Kosovo. (It is also worth mentioning that the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia exonerated former Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic last year.) This operation did not have a resolution from the United Nations Security Council – one of two ways in which a country can go to war with another country (the other is self-defense).

Bill Clinton, a man who is often widely confused as some sort of humanitarian, also bombed a Sudanese pharmaceutical plant in response to bomb blasts at American embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. Clinton’s decision to strike a vital facility that produced medicine for a struggling Sudanese economy killed thousands between the death toll from the strike and the subsequent number of people who could no longer receive medical treatment). The reason we don’t know the full horror of this atrocity is because the U.S. vetoed a proposed investigation into the crime.

In 2001, the U.S. also launched an invasion of Afghanistan in response to the September 11 attacks. This was done without a specific U.N. Security Council resolution at the time because many viewed the act as one of self-defense. Yet no one seems concerned with the fact that the U.S. attacked Afghanistan in response to an attack that involved no Afghans, at least according to the CIA. Yes, al-Qaeda had a significant base in Afghanistan, but it was the U.S. that put them there in the first place.

In 2003, the U.S. launched another invasion, this time in Iraq. This did have U.N. Security Council resolutions in reference to the events preceding the invasion, but not any resolution that authorized force. In fact, many members of the Security Council were very explicit about this fact, including permanent member France (which holds a veto power).

“We will not allow the passage of a planned resolution that would authorise the use of force,” the French foreign minister said at the time.

Knowing they would never get a resolution that would explicitly or implicitly authorize force, the U.S. invaded Iraq anyway. The U.N. Secretary General stated quite unequivocally:

“I have indicated it was not in conformity with the UN Charter. From our point of view and from the charter point of view it was illegal.”

Fast forward a few years to peace prize laureate Barack Obama, who invaded Libya without Congressional approval in 2011. The U.S. war establishment downplayed America’s role in the Libyan war to try to justify its involvement yet conveniently missed the fact that America’s role was so integral it was deemed to be the “backbone” of any NATO offensive in the 2011 conflict.

Obama took these war powers further than any president before him. He waged covert wars and overt wars across so many countries that Bush and Clinton paled in comparison. In a six-year period, he bombed seven majority-Muslim countries. He also compiled a secret “kill list,” personally signing off on murders once a week. The weekly ceremony was aptly named “Terror Tuesdays.” During the tenure of Obama’s drone strike assassination program, he also terminated American citizens without trial.

Most notable, however, is Obama’s push to bomb Syria in 2013, which largely fell through due to mounting public opposition and even a lack of support from some of America’s closest allies. His proposal collapsed completely when Russia intervened diplomatically to provide an alternative solution.

Never one to admit defeat, Obama found backdoor access to bomb Syrian territory a year later when the terror group ISIS made headlines with the ruthless and barbaric havoc they were unleashing throughout Iraq and Syria.

Yet how much of this involved the domestic democratic process? Did Congress approve a bombing campaign in Syria? Did the U.N. approve America’s decision to bomb a sovereign country? Did the host country invite the American air force into Syrian territory?

The answer to all of these questions should be clear to anyone who has been paying attention. None of these actions have any democratic accountability. The only thing the Trump administration learned from this debacle in 2013 was not to give the public or the international community any time to respond and to immediately launch air strikes while eating dessert with Syria’s quasi-ally. In that context, Trump has expanded the war powers even further than Obama, who was at least subject to many domestic and international constraints at the time, whether intentionally or not.

In full preparation of these developments, Anti-Media released an article in December 2016 entitled “The War Powers Trump Is About to Inherit from Obama Are Scary as Hell.”

The warning has apparently fallen on deaf ears. The most terrifying aspect of this horrific reality is that this expansion of the presidential war powers has been manufactured on purpose because Congress has never taken any significant action against the president for violating the rules of war. As noted by journalist Glenn Greenwald:

What happened to Obama as a result of involving the U.S in a war that Congress had rejected? Absolutely nothing, because Congress, due to political cowardice, wants to abdicate war-making powers to the President. As a country, we have decided we want an all-powerful president – one who can bomb, and spy, and detain, and invade with virtually no limits. That’s the machinery of the imperial presidency that both parties have jointly built and have now handed to President Trump.”

Let that sink in: the war powers have been designed to rest with the president. In our present circumstances, a president who orders raids deemed too risky by his warmongering predecessor says he will look Syrian kids in the face and tell them they can’t come to America. That predecessor just killed over 1,000 Iraqis last month in a ramped up operation that even the New York Times admits has “no endgame in sight.”

These war powers have been used, misused, and abused for decades, ultimately paving the way for Trump to do what he did last week: bomb a Russian ally directly without any democratic institutional authority – or authority from the international institution that supposedly governs peace and war – risking an all-out war with a nuclear power.

This isn’t a problem of Obama versus Trump or Bernie Sanders versus Hillary Clinton. The president has too much power, regardless of who sits on the throne.

Anyone who attempts to justify this power could realize how nonsensical and dangerous it is by replacing all references to the United States above to North Korea and seeing how that fits their worldview.

If one country can take these actions unilaterally, then so can others.

Is this the world we want to live in?

This article originally appeared on The AntiMedia.

Stefan Molyneux (White Idiot) Exposed as a Jewish Shill


From Zionist Report

Part I – Stefan Molyneux says we ‘hate jews’ because they are ‘intelligent.’ This is how ‘shills’ like Molyneux always try to frame the debate. No, we hate their criminal and immoral behavior. The banking scams the Federal Reserve undertakes, and usury banksters perpetuate, in general, should be illegal — period.

Part II – Strange, isn’t? The same thing happened to Stefan Molyneux as with Alex Jones. Both started off to be real ‘truthers’, but now they have turned into disinformation agents. So, what exactly happened?

Texas warns about biggest mumps outbreak in 22 years

(CNN) The Texas Department of State Health Services warned this week of multiple ongoing mumps outbreaks. The surge, which includes 221 cases this year, constitutes the highest incidence of mumps in the state in 22 years.

Mumps is a contagious disease caused by a virus that spreads from person to person through saliva and mucus.
“What we’ve seen — as in other parts of the country, (it’s) really just the same thing — a pretty big resurgence in mumps cases over the last six or eight months,” said Chris Van Deusen, spokesman for the state’s health services department. In 2016, Texas experienced 192 mumps cases, he said, primarily in the last few months of the year.
Mumps typically begins with fever, headache, muscle aches, tiredness and loss of appetite lasting a few days, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most people will have swelling of the salivary glands, causing puffy cheeks and a swollen jaw. Generally, symptoms last at least two days but no more than 10 days.
Because it is caused by a virus, mumps does not respond to antibiotics. Doctors generally recommend bed rest and over-the-counter pain relievers.
“We have largely seen outbreaks in North Texas, so the Dallas-Fort Worth area and some of the surrounding counties,” Van Deusen said, adding that Dallas County has experienced two or three significant outbreaks.
“We’ve had quite a large one with, counting last year and this year, more than 150 cases in Johnson County, which is just south of Fort Worth,” he said. “We’ve certainly seen cases in other areas of the state, but those have been where the largest outbreaks have been centered.”
An outbreak in Johnson County, in particular, included 189 cases spanning last year and this year among children and a couple of college students, he said.
“There have been people who have traveled back and forth between (Johnson County) and Northwest Arkansas, where they’ve been seeing much of the activity, so it seems to be linked to that outbreak,” Van Deusen said.
An outbreak of mumps began in Arkansas in August, explained Dr. Dirk Haselow, Arkansas’ state epidemiologist. Between August and April 13, Arkansas reported 2,930 cases, he said. (Similarly, Washington state (PDF) has been hard hit by the mumps, reporting 611 confirmed and probable cases during 2017.)
“We’ve had less than 500 cases this year,” said Haselow, who believes his state is at the tail end of its outbreak. “Thankfully, the number of cases we’ve had each week decreased recently. We’ve only added 14 cases in the last three weeks.” At the height of the outbreak, nearly 50 cases a day were reported across 35 counties. Today, only four counties are experiencing infections.
As for a possible spread from his state to Texas, Haselow has no doubts.
“Mumps has a long incubation period, as long as 26 days between exposure and symptoms, so people could have been exposed, you know, a little over a month ago, and now you have new cases with that association,” he said.
Across the nation, most mumps cases are occurring among people who have been vaccinated, according to the CDC, and these outbreaks are not due to low vaccination rates. For example, in Texas, 97.6% of kindergarten-age children have received two doses of the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine, Van Deusen said, while 98.7% of seventh-graders have.
The CDC recommends that children get two doses of the MMR vaccine. One dose is considered about 78% effective initially (PDF), and two doses are about 88% effective. So even if you are vaccinated, you need to practice primary prevention.
“Obviously, one of the things you do is avoid people with mumps,” said Infectious disease specialist Dr. William Schaffner, but he noted that this practice is limited in its ability to ward off the mumps for two reasons.
“People can actually spread the mumps virus for several days before they become sick,” he said. The second reason: Mumps also causes subclinical infections.
“That is, I can get infected, but I don’t get sick. Still, I’m capable of passing it on to someone else,” Schaffner said. “That’s a big problem.”
Mumps can cause complications, especially in adults. These include deafness and inflammation of the brain, ovaries, breast tissue or testicles. Occasionally, mumps can cause encephalitis, which in rare cases can lead to death, says the CDC.
There’s a safe way to prevent complications, Schaffner says: the MMR vaccine.
“We say that the vaccine, after 15 years, is about 85% effective,” he said. So the bad news is that 15% of people who have been vaccinated are likely to become ill if they encounter mumps very closely.
“However, the good news is, the complications of mumps seem not to develop,” Schaffner said. People who have been vaccinated are unlikely to get meningitis or inflammation of the ovaries or testes, or partial deafness. “It would appear these complications are not occurring among these individuals who have partial immunity. They get a milder infection.”
Those who favor pre-emptive strikes might consider an updated vaccine, he said.
“Should everyone traveling to Texas get another dose of MMR? We’re not there yet,” Schaffner said, adding that the CDC is not recommending such measures.
Still, if you’re visiting family in Texas and know that they have the mumps, you might go to your doctor beforehand and request a dose of MMR, he suggested.
“You may have to pay for it out of pocket,” he said. “How much protection it gives me, I don’t know, but it is a safe and easy thing to do.”
Each year, the number of mumps cases fluctuates within a range of a couple hundred to a couple thousand cases, according to the CDC. In 2016, 5,311 cases were reported in 46 states and the District of Columbia.

8-month-old baby weighing 38 pounds baffles doctors

An 8-month-old baby in India who weighs as much as a healthy 4-year-old has left doctors stumped over what could be causing her rabid appetite. Chahat Kumar, who weighs 38 pounds, was born a healthy baby without any complications, The Sun reported.

When she was around 4 months old, Chahat’s weight began ballooning, and now her parents told Barcroft Media that she cries whenever she is not being fed.


“It’s not our fault,” Suraj, Chahat’s dad, told The Sun. “God gave this condition to her. It’s not in our hands. I feel bad when some people laugh at her for being fat.”

Using Wi-Fi and a compatible smart device you can manage the grill without missing the fun. With Char-Broil SmartChef technolog…

Doctors have been unable to obtain a blood sample from Chahat because her skin is abnormally thick, the news outlet reported. She reportedly is suffering breathing and sleeping problems due to her extreme weight.

“We don’t have enough money for her treatment, but we do our best to make sure she gets well,” Reena, Chahat’s mother, told The Sun.


Dr. Sharma, her pediatrician, said he recommended the family take Chahat to a pediatric specialist at the Civil Hospital, but they are not able to afford it, The Sun reported.

“Her weight is increasing excessively, and it has to be controlled,” he told the news outlet. “She has to eat less. She eats like a 10-year-old kid.”

Her parents, who lost a son before she was born, said they will keep searching for answers in hopes of Chahat having a normal childhood.

“We don’t want her to have difficulties in the future,” Reena told The Sun. “We want a good future for her.”

Researchers Find A New Way To Make Water From Thin Air

Researchers have come up with a new way to extract water from thin air. Literally.

This isn’t the first technology that can turn water vapor in the atmosphere into liquid water that people can drink, but researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of California, Berkeley, say their approach uses less power and works in drier environments.

The new approach makes use of a substance called a MOF, a metal-organic framework. As the name suggests, these are materials made of metals mixed with organic compounds. Powders made from MOFs are very porous, so researchers have proposed using them to store hydrogen or methane fuels or to capture carbon dioxide.

MIT’s Evelyn Wang and her Berkeley colleague Omar Yaghi decided to try using MOFs to capture water. MOF powders can not only suck up liquid water, they can also absorb water vapor.

And there’s plenty of water vapor in the atmosphere. Even in the driest place on the planet there are tons of water molecules floating overhead.

The researchers built a small prototype water collector that contains a thin layer of MOF powder. The powder absorbs water vapor until it is saturated.

“Once you achieve that maximum amount,” Wang says, “you apply some type of heat to the system to release that water.”

And when the water is released, it collects in the bottom of the prototype.

There are other compounds that can suck water from the air, zeolites for example, but Wang says it takes a significant amount of energy to get these materials to release the water. Not so with a MOF device. “The amount of energy required is very low,” she says.

In the prototype, the heat needed to drive the water out of the MOF comes from ambient sunlight — no external power supply is needed.

As they report in the journal Science, Wang and her colleagues tested the prototype of their MOF-based device on the roof of a building at MIT, and it worked great.

But it’s just a prototype. It only used a fraction of an ounce of the MOF powder. “So the amount of water that we’ve shown is also pretty small,” says Wang.

According to Wang’s calculations, a full-sized system using about 2 pounds of MOF powder could deliver close to three quarts of water per day.

And she expects scaling up the prototype won’t be all that expensive. Although MOFs are a relatively new material, “there are companies that already make various MOFS at very large bulk scales,” she says.

There are many steps before a mass-produced MOF-based water collector becomes a reality. It hasn’t been shown, for example, that the water released by the MOF powder is free of contaminants.

But it’s conceivable that someday if you’re visiting Death Valley, one of the driest places in the United States, you’ll be able to wet your whistle with a device based on Wang and Yaghi’s concept.

Report: Eli Manning teamed up with Giants equipment manager on memorabilia scam


According to the New York Post, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning was involved in a scheme with the team’s equipment manager to sell fake gear that could be advertised as “game used” based on game-worn gear.

The Post obtained court papers that show Manning sending an email to Joe Skiba, the team’s equipment manager, asking for “helmets that can pass as game used,” which Manning was forced to turn over last week in connection to a civil racketeering suit. It alleges that Manning and the Giants worked in conjunction to bilk collectors into purchasing what they believed were authentic gear that was used in NFL games.

Three memorabilia dealers are suing Manning, Skiba, the Giants, team owner John Mara and others in the case. The emails were filed on Tuesday at Bergen County (N.J.) Superior Court.

In one email from 2010, Manning’s marketing agent, Alan Zucker, asked Manning to give him “2 game used helmets and 2 game used jerseys,” and Skiba replied to Manning: “Let me know what your looking for I’ll try to get something down for you … ”

Manning reportedly responded by saying, “2 helmets that can pass as game used. That is it. Eli.”

Lawyers for the Giants issued a statement: “The email, taken out of context, was shared with the media by an unscrupulous memorabilia dealer and his counsel who for years has been seeking to leverage a big payday.”

It continued: “The email predates any litigation, and there was no legal obligation to store it on the Giants server …

“Eli Manning is well known for his integrity and this is just the latest misguided attempt to defame his character.”

Manning was named co-winner of the 2016 Walter Payton Man of the Year Award — given annually to the “NFL player for his excellence on and off the field” and “who has had a significant positive impact on his community” — along with Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Manning also was a 2015 finalist for the award.

Another lawsuit, filed in 2014, alleged that Skiba sold former Giants Hall of Famer Michael Strahan’s actual game-worn jersey from Super Bowl XLII and gave Strahan a fake jersey that was made to look real, “even adding Gatorade stains to the fabric.” That same suit alleged Manning was involved in keeping his own game-worn gear and passing off other items as legitimate, although some of those claims have been dismissed since then.

Manning, the No. 1 overall pick of the 2004 NFL draft of the San Diego Chargers, was traded to the Giants shortly after being selected. He started midway through his rookie season, has spent his entire career with the Giants, is the franchise’s all-time passing leader at 48,218 yards and has led the franchise to two Super Bowl victories — both over the New England Patriots. Manning currently has a consecutive-games played streak of 199 dating back to 2004, which could be in jeopardy if the NFL finds Manning at fault in the case as part of the league’s player conduct policy.

There will be a lot of watchful eyes on how NFL commissioner Roger Goodell eventually handles this case, depending on what other information surfaces. He hit the Patriots hard for what was deemed as an integrity-of-the-game violation for their role in deflate-gate — which included the highly scrutinized roles of two Patriots equipment employees. The league also has spent countless money and time cracking down hard on phony NFL gear being sold online and in or around its stadiums.

It has been quite the newsworthy offseason for the NFL memorabilia industry. The jersey of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was stolen immediately following Super Bowl VI by a journalist who bypassed security and it was later recovered in Mexico following an international investigation.

Georgia Officers are Fired After Kicking Man at Traffic Stop

Two police officers in Georgia have been fired after videos showed them separately punching a 21-year old motorist in the face and then kicking him in the head as he lay on the ground in handcuffs during a traffic stop, officials said.

The Gwinnett County Police Department said in statements on Thursday that a “very disturbing” cellphone video taken by a witness showed Officer Robert McDonald, 25, using “unnecessary and excessive” force when he kicked the handcuffed man in the head on Wednesday.

A second cellphone video was later discovered by the police online, showing Sgt. Michael F. Bongiovanni, 41, hitting the victim, who was getting out of a car with his hands up, in his face. The sergeant then lied about the encounter, the department said.

The department, which did not name the victim, said it had started a criminal investigation into the actions of both officers. A district attorney official was not immediately available on Friday to comment on whether possible charges would be filed.

“The revelations uncovered in this entire investigation are shocking,” the police department said. “We are fortunate that this second video was found and we were able to move swiftly to terminate a supervisor who lied and stepped outside of his training and state law.”

Sergeant Bongiovanni has been with the department since 1998, and Officer McDonald was hired in 2013, the department said. The two could not be reached by telephone on Friday.

The episode unfolded at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday near Lawrenceville, a suburb of Atlanta and the county seat of Gwinnett County, which has a population of about 850,000 in the north-central region of the state. After the videos were shared online, it quickly became another example in which cellphone videos recorded by bystanders prompted investigations of police behavior that fuel mistrust between mostly white law enforcement officers and black people.

In another example this week, a Sacramento police officer, who is white, threw a black man to the ground for allegedly jaywalking, then pinned him there before striking him in the face at least a dozen times, a video showed. The department said a special unit was investigating, and the Sacramento County district attorney’s office would decide whether to file charges. That officer was put on leave.

The Gwinnette police department said in its statements that it was aware of the impact such encounters have on its community. “We acknowledge that the actions of these two officers have implications that will be felt for some time,” it said.

According to a report of the traffic stop emailed on Friday by a police spokeswoman, Cpl. Michele Pihera, Sergeant Bongiovanni, who is white, tried to pull over the red Acura Integra driven by the man, Demetrius Bryan Hollins, who is black. The report said the vehicle did not have a license plate, a brake light was broken and Mr. Hollins had changed lanes multiple times without signaling.

Mr. Hollins slowed down but did not pull over until the car eventually stalled, the report said.

Sergeant Bongiovanni’s narrative said the car smelled of marijuana and that Mr. Hollins began to act strangely, saying “I need to call my mom.” Sergeant Bongiovanni said he asked Mr. Hollins to get out of the car and he ignored the request, the report said.

Sergeant Bongiovanni, who called for backup after he said he recognized Mr. Hollins from a 2016 arrest for having a loaded gun, eventually used a Taser on Mr. Hollins, pinned him on the ground and handcuffed him, the report said.

One of the cellphone videos captures about 45 seconds of that interaction, according to footage published by WSB-TV and other local media. After Mr. Hollins is lying on the pavement, the video then shows Officer McDonald running up to the pair and, without pausing, stomping or kicking Mr. Hollins in the head.

Mr. Hollins could not be reached by telephone on Friday.

Demetrius Bryan Hollins after being arrested during a traffic stop in Lawrenceville, Ga., on Wednesday.CreditGwinnett County Sheriff’s Office, via Associated Press

Another video shot by a witness from a different location shows Sergeant Bongiovanni punch Mr. Hollins in the head as he was getting out of the car with his hands up.

Sergeant Bongiovanni’s latest performance review, provided by the police department, showed that by most measures, he often exceeded expectations as a law enforcement officer.

Mr. Hollins was charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, obstruction of a police officer and traffic citations, the incident report said. Corporal Pihera said in an email that Mr. Hollins bonded out of jail and that the termination of the officers’ jobs was permanent.

Mr. Hollins told NBC News on Friday that he had been trying to reach a camera app while in the car because of his previous “encounter” with Sergeant Bongiovanni, who “charged me with the same charges as he charged me with yesterday. He start[ed] shoving me in my car and telling me that I was never going to have a video, that I was never going to make the phone call to my mom.”

“When I had my hands up, that’s when he punched me in the face,” he told NBC.

Long Island teen turned his back on MS-13 gangbanger pal — so they set a trap and butchered him, family says

Jorge Tigre tried to turn his back on a blood-thirsty Long Island gang, only to find he couldn’t get out alive.

The 18-year-old was one of four young men brutally executed near a Central Islip park, leaving his heartbroken mother and sister to explain how the youth failed to escape the gangbangers of MS-13.

“He kept his distance from them,” his sister Monica, 20, told the Daily News as their mother wept Friday inside their home. “I think they set a trap for him.”

The slain boy’s mother sobbed in front of a shrine to her son — a mixture of photos, candles and flowers arranged inside their Bellport home.

MS-13 gangsters suspected in Long Island quadruple murder

Jorge Tigre was one of four young men brutally executed near a Central Islip park.

Jorge Tigre was one of four young men brutally executed near a Central Islip park.


Bertha Ullaguari, 43, agreed that Jorge started to steer clear of the crew after the machete murders of two high school students last September. He previously palled around with an MS-13 member.

“They’ve had been harassing him at school,” the mom said of the gangsters. “On Sunday, he told his uncle ‘They keep harassing me.’

“He wasn’t a bad kid,” the distraught mother continued. “He was a good kid. He was never bad. … He never did wrong by anybody. He was always very well-behaved.”

Jorge Tigre with his mother, Bertha Ullaguari (far left).

Jorge Tigre with his mother, Bertha Ullaguari (far left).


Suffolk County investigators said the gang, already suspected in a half-dozen suburban Long Island homicides, quickly emerged as the likely attackers in the quadruple homicide.

Six MS-13 gang members busted in Long Island teens’ murders

No arrests were yet made after the bodies were found Wednesday night near the soccer fields at the Recreation Village Park.

The man who discovered the four butchered bodies said he broke down in tears after a survivor of the attack steered him to the park.

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Suffolk County Police and Crime Scene Units investigate a wooded area in Central Islip, Long Island, April 13, 2017.


Victim Michael Banageas, 18, had earlier told the man that he was heading to Central Islip to play soccer before he and the other three were savagely attacked.

The four victims were lying face-down with multiple wounds, according to the man.

“I can’t give more information because I cried a lot, and didn’t pay attention to my surroundings,” the man said in Spanish.

Tigre’s brother William said a witness who saw the dying victims notified him about the killings.

Tigre’s brother William said a witness who saw the dying victims notified him about the killings.


Monica said her brother stopped going to high school because of constant harassment by gang members, including the repeated flattening of his car tires.

“He never wanted to say anything to my mother,” said Monica. “He was scared of getting hurt.”

Though officials did not release the names of the four slain young victims, Jorge’s relatives and a second family identified their sons as among the dead.

The parents of Justin Llivicura, 16, of East Patchogue, told Newsday their son’s girlfriend received a video showing the butchered bodies of all four victims left in a the park.

The boy’s parents said they recognized their son in part because he was wearing the same clothes as when they saw him two days earlier.

Tigre’s brother William said a witness who saw the dying victims notified him about the killings. The fourth victim was identified as Jefferson Villalobos, 18.