Kill All White People


I decided to write a song about the day that all white people are killed off this planet; obviously the blacks and latinos will be the ones to do this when their numbers continue to swell up.  I based the song off an unknown title by Eddie Murphy.  At the time when I heard of this song I knew that it was only satire, but in my deepest, darkest desires as a proud nihilist, all races and people should become extinct to make way for the glory of nihility, the glory of an empty world to come.  It only makes sense to start off with whites due to the fact that they make up less than 10 percent of the world’s population.  Also, the whites have been voting in freemasons and jews like Donald Trump that continue to drop bombs on 3rd world non white nations, so if this song leads to a single white death, then I proudly consider that a rousing success!


Kill The White People

I live in a shity part of a shittytown
I gots no money so I gots to sleep on da ground
We play some muzak, my bitch dug a ditch
My skank mother did some laundry, turns out she was still a bitch

Still we must kill all white people, take the guns to make them hurt!
Kill off the white people, just make sure to buy my song first
Why don’t buy my song first?

I sing of hatred and inequality
But in the end, niggers just want their money
They want to drive in big black cars
To smoke ganja till they can’t even live!

Then we can be able to kill all white people, use guns to make them hurt

Kill all white people, just make sure to buy my song first
When they go into the grocery store, we gonna wait there with guns
We gonna shoot them in the head, make them die
Then we continue to kill all white people
But first buy my song



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