Kim Jong Un Makes Catastrophic Promise in Face of US Navy

A spokesman for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s government has issued a threatening message to the United States as a carrier strike group attached to the USS Carl Vinson has been making its way toward the Korean Peninsula, according to Fox News.

On Monday, the state-run Korean Central News Agency issued a quote from a spokesman for North Korean’s foreign ministry, and it’s nothing less than provocative.

“We will hold the U.S. wholly accountable for the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its outrageous actions,” the spokesman said, according to Fox.

“This goes to prove that the U.S. reckless moves for invading the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) have reached a serious phase of its scenario. If the U.S. dares opt for a military action, crying out for ‘preemptive attack’ and ‘removal of the headquarters,’ the DPRK is ready to react to any mode of war desired by the U.S.”

In other words, bring it on.

Tensions continue to mount in the area as the South Koreans and Americans hold annual large-scale war games, and North Korea violates U.N. resolutions by launching missiles, Fox reported.

When President Donald Trump authorized the attack on a Syrian airfield last week, he sent the world, including North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, a simple message — America is back on the world stage, and we mean business.

On ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made the American position crystal clear. And while he didn’t mention North Korea by name, no one listening could have wondered about what he meant.

“If you violate international agreements, if you fail to live up to commitments, if you become a threat to others, at some point a response is likely to be undertaken,” Tillerson said.

After eight years of dithering incompetence in the White House, the United States will have to struggle to regain the deterrence we once enjoyed against aggressive nations under more competent leadership. But if North Korea’s statement tells us anything, it’s that we are on the right track.


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