Who Does Trump Support, ISIS or Syria?

Clearly, the JEW-Puppet supports ISIS.

What a measly, miserable COWARD Trump is!

While the Syrian Arab Army sheds its blood trying to destroy ISIS with Russia’s determined, sacrificial help, Trump BOMBS them.

What a miserable COWARD Trump is!

He’s a LIAR who went against everything he promised during his campaign about not doing “regime change.”

The homo-enabler, Rex Tillerson, is a miserable piece of garbage. Flip flops for the JEWS within 6 days.

Jared Kushner, the JEW, Runs the Show!

You could see it coming:

Netanyahu visits Trump; IsraHell bombs Syria; Netanyahu demands buffer zones into the Golan Heights; Tillerson says Assad can stay; Some kind of false flag occurs regarding a ‘chemical attack’ in Idlib; The Jew-owned MSM blames Assad sans any proof; The Pentagon (war criminals’ Mattis and McMasters) concurs and Trump buys the JEW LIE; Tillerson caves; Trump BOMBS Syria. Tillerson flip flops and says Assad must go; The Jews applaud!

Bottom Line: Trump supports ISIS and fights the foes of ISIS, Syria and Russia.

KUSHNER, the Jew Globalist WINS; Bannon, the American Nationalist, (and many of Trump’s supporters), LOSE.

It’s ALL for the Jews. Trump represents JEWRY’s interests, NOT America’s.

Kushner and his tribe don’t care about “terrorists” as long as they can be used (and created) to serve IsraHell’s interests of destroying the “Axis of Resistance” to Zionist hegemony in the Middle East: Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah’s military arm, Hezbollah. (No, NOT a “terrorist” group as the Jew-owned State Dept. labels them.)

Now for the GOOD news.

Russia Suspends ALL COMMUNICATIONS With Pentagon

Russia Suspends Flight Safety Memo In Syria

Bravo, Vladimir Putin! TOO smart for the Jews. He’s going to beef up Syria’s defenses and use his air power to thwart Jewmerica’s scheme to bring down Dr Bashar al-Assad, a FAR better man than Jew-puppet Trump.

Putin has promised to preserve Syria’s infrastructure. And the Pentagon is not going to be given any advance notice of Russia’s tactical operations to sustain Syria’s battle against ISIS and against its enablers like JEWmerica, ISIS’ prime enabler and creator.

Bravo, Vladimir Putin! That’s why the world respects you and now holds Trump in contempt.

Trump Drinks The Swamp! Trump Swallows The Swamp! Trump IS The Swamp!

Yours TRUElee,

+Brother Nathanael Kapner
Publisher, Real Jew News @


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