Confessions Of An Ex-Trumpster


There is no making pacts with Jews; there can only be the hard: either-or.” -Adolf Hitler

After observing the political campaign of Donald Trump I contemplated becoming a “kosher conservative” in an attempt at some sort of compromise with judaism in an effort to work to preserve whatever remnants we have left of normal western culture. I contemplated perhaps starting to use the mantra that the west has a “judeo-christian heritage”. All of this has changed, though, upon having observed that the jews managed to successfully manipulate Donald Trump into taking action against Syria.

There can be no compromise with jews. There can be no working with them. The jews deserve absolutely nothing from us. They should leave and go to their homeland, but we should never in any way support Israel. The only way Israel should stand is if it is capable of standing on its own two feet. No westerner should ever lift a finger, pay a cent or waste a breath in a defense of Israel. Israel does not deserve our support in any way.

For a time I had naively believed that the people who rejected The Trump Movement due to Trump’s closeness with jews were being unreasonable and not practical. I thought that they were blinded by their own ideology to an amazing feat done by a very driven and passionate man. And the election of Donald Trump was an amazing feat, that is certain. However, regardless of any positive qualities he has as an individual, it has always been an undeniable fact that he is too close to the jews.

Even if nothing bad for the USA comes from these recent actions in Syria by The Trump administration and even if Trump does not make any more major concessions to the jews, we must realize that these recent events make it clear that it is NEVER good policy to make any sort of political alliances with the jews. There is only one policy we can have when it comes to jews: we need to be totally segregated from them. It’s obvious now that Trump’s closeness to the jews put him in a position where he was successfully manipulated into doing something against the best interests of The USA.

A worrying trend I have noticed among some people involved with the alt-right movements is that some people in the alt-right who have formed little online social clubs where they discuss ideology have allowed into their clubs “token jews”. This is insane behavior. Any gentile social club devoted to politics or culture with any sense would enforce a strict policy of not letting jews be members. It doesn’t matter if these jews happen to appear to agree with the talking points of your group. Jews have shown time and again that they join groups and subvert those groups while presenting a false face to the members of that group. Red Ice Creations even interviewed an alt-right jew on one of their programs.

We don’t need to feel guilty for having a policy of “no jews allowed”. Jews have their own “no gentiles allowed” groups. Jews even have their own country to where only jews are allowed to immigrate. We have every right to enforce fair standards and we have every right to be entitled to the same things that other peoples have claimed for themselves. The entire jewish religion is based on segregating themselves from non-jews and we have every right to respect the wishes of their own religion. We have every right to give them what they want: separation from us.

I see a lot of stuff written online that portrays jewish people as a supernaturally evil force. I prefer to think of jewish people as really bad roommates who will likely drive you crazy if you keep sharing a household with them. This sort of perspective puts it in more human terms and that makes the situation a little bit easier to deal with. In short we need a divorce from jews and everything about their religion demands the same for themselves. In demanding this we are only honoring what they have repeatedly wished for themselves.


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