MK Hanin Zoabli (Joint List) said Thursday that Israelis are hypocritical for condemning and expressing their shock over the harsh images of the deadly recent attacks in Syria, but remain silent when it comes to Gaza.

In an interview with Israel Radio, Zoabi questioned why she was never asked to comment on the deadly airstrikes in Gaza, in which children were killed.


“This is hypocrisy,” she said. “Why didn’t you interview me when you [the IDF] slaughtered the children and babies in Gaza? If the Syrian army were coming to liberate the occupied Golan Heights, was your conscience ‘kicking’ or would you attack the children of Syria and bombard them?”

“This is outrageous and hypocritical,” she added.

Zoabi then condemned the Syrian President Bashar Assad, but added that the how she sees it, the IDF is no better. “Bashar is a war criminal, and what has happened since the Syrian revolution started in 2011 is a massacre. I did not start saying this when we found out yesterday about the use of chemical weapons, but throughout the past five years.”

“But the Israeli army is a war criminal as well,” she added. “Both of them should be put on trial in the [International Court of Justice in the] Hague. Both of them are saying that they will do whatever they can to win.”

After a vocal argument with the hosts of the show, Zoabi was cut off the air.

In response to Zobai, MK Oded Forer (Yisrael Beytenu) said that these remarks reveal the true face of the Arab Joint List.

“While hundreds of people are being slaughtered by chemical weapons in Syria, they are trying to make this massacre to another opportunity to defame the State of Israel and the IDF,” he said. “Now we have no doubt about the Joint List and their actual intentions.”

“I recommend they go back to Syria and Gaza, and express their opinions freely in the democracies there,” he added.

The remarks came after Joint List chairman Ayman Odeh sparked controversy on Wednesday when he said in the Knesset plenum that his heart “aches for the children in Syria, just as it is saddened to see the children killed in Yemen or Gaza.”

Odeh refused to comment to his fellow lawmakers who asked him to clarify who is responsible to the death of children in Gaza.


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