Trump Calls Fiancé of Woman Killed by Illegal Immigrant



During an appearance Wednesday on “Fox & Friends,” a Los Angeles man whose fiancée died last month after a five-times-deported illegal immigrant crashed into her vehicle revealed that neither the local mayor nor the local police chief had yet reached out to him.

Shortly after the interview, he finally received a call, but it was not from the mayor or the police chief. It was from President Donald Trump.

“It tells you a lot about this president,” Rodrigo Macias, fiance of deceased mother Sandra Duran, told the Los Angeles Daily News. “You can’t have the local mayor do that, but the president of the U.S. went out of his way to do that. I’m very glad my fiancée and I voted for him. In fact, I’m extremely happy.”

Duran died on the afternoon of Feb. 19, when Estuardo Alvarado, 45, a five-times-deported illegal immigrant with a lengthy criminal record who was fleeing the scene of another accident at the time, rammed into her car while driving drunk.

Part of the reason neither Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti nor Police Chief Charlie Beck contacted Macias was likely because their policies were complicit in his fiancée’s death.

As noted by the Daily News, “Garcetti and Beck have said the city does not plan to get involved in any deportation efforts by the federal government” and that “the city will continue a long-standing policy that prevents police officers from asking about a person’s immigration status.”

Had Los Angeles not been a sanctuary city, Alvarado might not even have been in the country when the crash occurred last month — and that’s the point.

“Our system failed us,” Macias said during his “Fox & Friends” interview Wednesday. “Pertaining to these illegal immigrants, criminal illegal immigrants that are being harbored here because of (elected officials). Because our city’s almost a sanctuary city.”

Thankfully, the man whom both Macias and his deceased fiancée voted for intends to resolve this crisis, one way or another.

As noted by the Los Angeles Times, the budget proposal Trump released Thursday contained $210 million in cuts “to state and local jails that hold immigrants convicted of crimes while in the country illegally.” And this was just the beginning.

R.I.P. to your fiancée, Mr. Macias.


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